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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush

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A great brush that lasts


I shoudld begin by saying that I actually no longer use Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation. However, I have two of the Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brushes that I continue to use with other makeup items. I have had both of these brushes for several years, and have found that they hold up very well. They do not really shed at all, either while using them to apply powder or while washing them with Bare Escentuals Well Cared For brush shampoo. I have washed them numerous times and the brushes remain soft and full. I use them for anything that I want a light layer of across a large portion of my face. I have used these brushes to apply loose setting powder, Mineral Veil, mattifying oil absorbing powder, and also blush that I want lightly swept across my cheeks. I sometimes also just brush a clean Heavenly Face Brush all over my face when my makeup is complete, just for a final blending and softening effect. However you choose to use it, this brush does not disappoint.

Santa Fe, NM


It works better than any brush I've had,when it doesn't break


My mom purchases for me the start kit for base essentuals in about 2 months ago. The make up is great! (Definitely worth it for someone who battles with skin problems!) I used the brush for about a week and there were no problems. The base then started to get a little lose after the first week. I then was able to spin the bottom part around and it eventually fell apart. It seems that all that happened what the glue that held it together never really bonded. I took it back to the store and they said the brush should last 2 years (!!!) and they would replace it no problem I was relieved because the actual brush part is amazing. It's soft and really spreads everything around. I am glad to have it back and I found it great that this product has a 2 year gaurantee. If you run into the same problem don't hesitate to take it back and say "Hey, this should last 2 years!" On a side note....their website was zero help. I had to actaully take it back to the store I purchased it from! 

Cape Girardeau, MO


Love this brush!


I love the Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush!  It is very silky and soft.  It applies Bare Escentuals make-up very easily.  I haven't used it with any other brand so I don't know how it would work with other products.  I obtained my first one with the introductory Bare Escentuals kit.  Although the brush can be washed, I choose to replace my brushes every year so I don't know how long the brush might continue to be effective beyond one year.  I buy a new kit of some type each year to get a new set of brushes.  To purchase the brush by itself is kind of pricey. The brush is rounded so when you "buff" (as in swirl, tap, buff) the color is evenly distributed.  It has a good size head so it picks up a significant amount of color with each swirl.  It makes short work of applying base make-up. My husband takes my used brushes each year and uses them in painting work.  He says they are the best so this brush gets a second life after I'm done with it!

Browns Summit, NC


Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush

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