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Badger Baby Balm

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Miracle product


Bought this to try on my six week old daughters dry red face and it works wonders! Doesn't irritate or clog pores, cleared up her face in a matter of days from red dry patches to creamy baby skin again. Love it's organic feel safe using it on her face. Also use it on her dry ankles and wrist it's just overall an amazing all natural product I now can't live without!



Gentle, all natural skin care for babies.


***Badger says***: A sunny, golden yellow balm with the subtle scent of chamomile calendula. These are very safe herbs, traditionally used to calm and soothe babies, and ideal for baby skin care. This is also an excellent product for people with sensitive skin or with skin conditions." The back of the tin says that it is great on diaper rashes and cradle cap, but I have used it on my son's thumb. My son has twelve teeth and still sucks his thumb. His teeth are causing a little wound on the top of his thumb, so I rub the **Badger Balm** right on the wound. It is gentle enough that it doesn't sting and the herbs soothe the irritated area. I love that **Badger Baby Balm** is made out of all natural ingredients and it is very gentle. It doesn't sting or burn delicate areas. Badger also makes an excellent sunscreen, [Badger SPF 30][1] which I use on my son too. **Badger Baby Balm** comes in three sizes: 0.75 oz. tin, 2 oz. tin and a 2.9 oz tube. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Badger-SPF-30-Sunscreen-for-Face-and-Body-review-526d3

Camp Lejeune, NC


Multipurpose all-natural balm!


We love our Badger Baby Balm. This balm is all natural and smells wonderful! We use this as balm on our son's head when he's getting a bit of cradle cap, I use it on any dry patches on his arms or legs that I might come across. Primarily, we use is as a diaper creme. It's great for this purpose, as it doesn't risk ruining our cloth prefolds like zinc oxide cremes do. Since Badger Baby Balm is all natural, I don't worry as much if he gets some on his hands or near his face, like I would with the zinc oxide cremes.

Somerville, MA


Works on the toughest dry skin!


I am an auto technician by trade. Even though I wear nitrile gloves most of the time, I still need to do a lot of tasks without wearing them to ensure better contact. Because of this, I wash my hands A LOT. Between the cold weather and repeated handwashings, my hands can get very dry and angry. I had tried several products to help retain moisture and repair the cracked, raw skin that sometimes occurs, but nothing seemed to help. I picked up a tin of this as an impulse buy and have been very pleased! I think the beeswax in it allows it to slowly "melt" into the skin, providing a protective barrier between the raw, scraped skin and the environment. It also seems to stay on for a good while longer than a lot of other products I've tried. I love the fact that it's all natural, too! It doesn't sting and has a non-offensive smell. It is also not full of colorings or preservatives, which is a definite plus when using it on broken skin! I don't know how it works on babies, but I'm more than happy with the results I've gotten using this salve in the evenings after work!

Santa Fe, NM


Certified Organic Baby Care


Badger Baby Balm is a convenient, all-natural solution to many common skin ailments. I have used it on both of my children - to help treat cradle cap, dry and flaky skin, abrasions and diaper rash. Badger Baby Balm is USDA Certified Organic and made of gentle, soothing ingredients like Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Chamomile. I stand by it 100% for diaper rash. My daughter had a rash that, when treated with standard Zinc Oxide diaper cream, became even more red and inflamed. In a visit to the doctor, she suggested that we stop using the standard diaper cream as it can further irritate skin that is already irritated. We switched to Baby Balm and the rash was cleared up in a few days. Thanks, Badger!

Keene, NH


badger baby balm


 I just started to use this cream for my baby who has skin dry and rash, but I haven't seen the difference. I found this product has a score of 0 toxicity on "EWG" I can't say if good or bad product but it didn't work for my baby. Brake up her skin and worse her skin problem so I will not buy this cream.

York, PA


Badger Baby Balm

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