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Bacardi Razz Rum

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A nice flavored rum


Bacardi Razz is a very interesting raspberry flavored white rum from Bacardi. This 80 proof liquor surely does the job and mixes quite well with sprite or other clear beverages. The alcohol taste is well masked by the flavors and smoothness of the rum.



Bacardi Razz Rum Adds a Berry Good Taste to Some Drinks


  When it comes to beer and liquor, I usually go for purity. I bypass the fruit- enhanced malt beverages, the mint- flavored liqueurs, and the nut- flavored liquors, choosing instead the straight, no- frills brands/styles of booze. However, I am open to new experiences and I will purchase some of these enhanced products from time to time. One that I tried recently and found respectable is **Bacardi Razz Rum**, a fruity liquor.**Liquor Commentary:**Bacardi Razz Rum is a clear liquor with an aroma that combines alcohol with hints of sugar and berry in the background. The aroma isn't very pronounced and in many ways, it reminds me of cotton candy, with added alcohol. The taste, however, is much bolder than the aroma indicates. You get the intense flavor of raspberries and other berries, with an obvious rum backbone that offers flavors of molasses and sugar in every sip. The finish is a little bit sour and sharp, but it eventually fades to an aftertaste of mixed berry. With its somewhat harsh flavor attributes, Bacardi Razz Rum cannot be recommended for consuming as a shot. But I can forgive Bacardi in this instance, because where this rum really shines (and where its use is really intended) is in mixed drinks, as a substitute for regular rum. I like it best when added to Seven- Up, or Sprite. The sugary character of these mixers helps to balance out the harshness of the liquor and the added raspberry taste combines well with the lemon/lime of the soft drink. I have heard other people adding this rum to Dr. Pepper and even Coke or Pepsi, with good results. I can see how the taste might combine well with Dr. Pepper, but the verdict is still out when it comes to cola. I don't think these flavors would match very well, but I can't really comment because I haven't tried it. As I said, flavored rums are often good as regular rum substitutes and Bacardi Razz Rum does taste good in certain mixed drinks, like planters punch, zombies, and a few others. However, the taste of this flavored rum is not a good match in other rum drinks. With some flavored liquors, you can combine them with most anything that calls for regular liquor and they taste perfectly fine (like vanilla flavored rum, for example) but Bacardi Razz Rum is a little more limited in usefulness. The taste doesn't mix well at all in some drinks, although I will be the first to admit that it mixes with and tastes even better than regular rum when added to other drinks. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** I am and will always be a purist at heart when it comes to beer and liquor, but I like to experiment with different flavors on occasion. Bacardi Razz Rum is a good product when added to certain mixed drinks, offering a very intense flavor of raspberries and other berry. It isn't as versatile as other flavored rum products and shots are a little harsh. But Bacardi Razz Rum in a glass of Sprite or other specific mixer does make a pleasant taste combination, often even better than the taste you get with regular rum. Add up the pros and cons and you have a rum product with enough good qualities to recommend it, for certain uses.     

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Bacardi Razz Rum

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