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BabyBjorn Active Organic Baby Carrier

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BabyBjorn Active Carrier Well Worth the Money!


I was hesitant to pay such a steep price for a carrier but you get what you pay for! This carrier makes carrying your baby effortless and it provides good air flow, especially in the summer heat of Arizona. I wish I had not wasted the money on our first carrier, which was an Eddie Bauer, and invested in a Baby Bjorn with my first child.

Queen Creek, AZ


I recommend it to all of my friends


I absolutely love the Baby bjorn! My husband and I both have one. We keep one in each car so that we always have it with us. I carry my son around in it all the time. It is great while shopping or just going for a walk! It was hard for me to go to the grocery store with my son when he was very young because he hated the car carrier. He would NOT sit in it for a whole grocery trip. He loved the Baby Bjorn though. He could snuggle against me and I had my hands free to grab things and shop. I also love that you can carry your baby face in or out. It allows them to be comfy and close to you while they are little and when they are old enough they can look around and be social. My son loves to face out now and look at all the people and objects. They make a great gift too. I buy one of these for any friend who gets pregnant. They are great quality, cute, easy to take along (unlike a stroller or car carrier), and always a hit! I highly recommend this product.

Clayton, CA


The Babybjorn carrier is a necessity for all parents


I received the carrier from my grandmother when my husband and I had our first baby. I love that the carrier adjusts for each phase your baby goes through. This was an absolute life saver for me because it helped me to be able to keep up with the work around the house, while keeping my baby close and snuggly.

Normangee, TX


not worth the money


I disliked this carrier and have tried over 100 differnt types horrible on neck shoulders and back not good for babies legs and hips. Babies legs should not dangle straight down should be up and out. Snaps are hard to open hard to get off yourself.

Columbus, MI


The Babybjorn Active has enabled me to go anywhere with my child


The Babybjorn Active is the most-used baby accessory in our house.  The lumbar support makes it very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  It took a bit to get everything adjusted right, but now I take my 6 month old son everywhere in it.  We go hiking, grocery shopping and even get things done around the house together. 

Cayuta, NY


Great product for you, your baby, AND the environment!


This product is fantastic - it is sooo comfortable to wear and it is easy on the back muscles!  It comes in nice, neutral colours, so it matches everything - fashion conscious mothers will love this feature.  Besides being a breeze to put on and adjust, this baby carrier is also earth-friendly, which means you can wear it proudly!  It is a little pricy, but it is definitely worth it - it will last you through more than one pregnancy if you need it!  I totally recommend this product to mothers everywhere.

Como, TX


BabyBjorn Active Organic Baby Carrier

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