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Baby Lock
Baby Lock Eclipse Sewing Machine

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Great serger for the price


This is the second serger I've owned.  The first one you had to thread manually and let me tell you, it was totally worth it to pay the extra money to have the self-threader.  The machine is quiet.  The controls are easy to adjust.  You can raise and lower the thread bars so if you have cats, they won't play with the spools of thread and mess everything up! I strongly suggest buying good quality spools of thread.  I made the mistake of buying cheap thread and the lint from it clogged up inside the machine and I had to have it cleaned out.  If you have thread that is not tightly woven, little pieces get broken off going through all the mechanisms.  There are a couple of things I don't like.  The first one isn't major - it's just annoying.  The serger comes with a huge notebook of instructions, and a smaller manual that's more like a quick guide while you're serging so you don't have to scour through a huge manual.  The one thing I'd change is the size of the illustrations for threading the machine.  The guy at the store showed me how to do it, but once you get home, it's easy to forget the path of the thread.  The pictures are just drawings, not pictures, which is actually good.  You don't get bogged down with the actual parts of the machine.  And the thread path is highlighted in different colors.  But it is so hard to actually follow the path.  They need to include a written description and larger drawings of the thread path.  The other thing that is a little bothersome, is that when you are changing thread colors, you're supposed to be able to cut the thread on the current spool, tie the new one to it and just run the machine and the new threads get pulled up through.  This works on the needle threads, but not the other two.  Overall, I'm very pleased with this machine.  My clothing comes out looking so nice and people are so impressed with the finished and polished look of the clothing.


Oregon City, OR


Baby Lock Eclipse Sewing Machine

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