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Baby Einstein
Baby Einstein Discover The World Play Gym

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My son loved this toy, especially the accessories.


I received this play gym as a gift while I was pregnant. When my son was just a few weeks old, I placed him on this mat for some tummy time. He liked it, but he didn't love it. What he did love was the light up toy that comes with this play gym. It straps onto the side, plays music, and shows lights. He was immediately enthralled. I would lay him on his play gym and turn on the lights if I needed ten or fifteen minutes to get something done. I also like that the mat is so colorful and shows actual images as well as drawings for babies to see during tummy time. Now my son is a year and no longer will lay still on a play gym, but he still plays with the many accessories that came with this toy. It comes with a plush octupus, a turtle rattle, some links, and of course the light-up toy. They are actually some of his favorite toys. It's also very easy to clean - you just put it in the washing machine, and it's also very easy to store.


New Orleans, LA


Great Baby Shower gift


My soon to be sister in law is expecting her second child, so I wanted to get her a unique gift that I was sure her and baby Emma would love. I bought this Baby Einstein Discover The World Play Gym because it looked very colorful and seemed like an infant would enjoy it. I set it up for my sister in law in a breeze. It is much easier if you read the instructions prior to setting it up because they help you clear up a lot. I was amazed at the play gym. The mat is very very soft which will be perfect for baby. The sound is of very high quality. I know there are several songs, but I only listened to 2 of them and they sounded really good compared to other baby toys. The play gym is very colorful too. It is very eye catching. I did some tugging and pulling on it, and it seems to be very durable. My other nephew tried it out, and I am pretty sure if he cannot mess it up or ruin it, then it will be druable enough for a little one.


Charlotte, TN


Baby Einstein Discover The World Play Gym

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