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Axvoice Internet Phone Service

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Why I switched to Axvoice VoIP Service


As far as voice quality of AT&T is concerned, I had no complaints about it. However, I was not satisfied with their monthly bills. I had to make just a few calls every week. Therefore, ATT was a white elephant for me. I did a precise research to get rid of ATT. Finally, I found Axvoice's "Pay as you go" plan. I selected this plan just because I had to pay only for the calls that I would make. My monthly bill has come down and I don't have to pay if I don't make any call. Voice quality is the same as I was getting previously. What I like about Axvoice's pay as you go plan is its lower pricing. I would recommend their pay as you go plan to anyone who makes a few calls every month.



Axvoice Internet Phone Service

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