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Avon PERFECT WEAR All-Day Comfort Lipstick SPF 12 - All Shades

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Avon Perfect Wear Lipstick Rocks!


I am such a hard person to please when it comes to lipstick.  I tend to hate the feeling that most lipsticks leave on your lips.  Most of them fell like there is a coating of scum on your lips.  I have tried many different kinds of lipstick until a friend of mine told me to try Avon's Perfect Wear All-Day Comfort Lipstick.  I asked her for her Avon book so I could see t he product.  She opened up the book to the page and my eyes lit up instantly.  I just fell in love with the colors that they offered.  I had such a hard time choosing just one color.  I ended up buying two shades even though I did not know if I would like this product.  I could not wait for my order to arrive.  When it did, I raced up to the powder room and gave it a try.  I fell for this product instantly!!!  It is my all time favorite lipstick. The only problem I have concerning this product is which color should I wear today?


Cleveland, OH


long lasting


Avon Perfect Wear All Day Comfort Lipstick is great for the busy woman.  I not only love the colors  I love the way this lipstick lasts and lasts.  Perfect for the woman on the go!  Avon has always been a favorite with me but when I found this Perfect All Day Lipstick I was pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous color, the way it applies well to dry lips and the way it lasts throughout the day.  If you are a busy mom or working woman then you may want to try this great lipstick that will keep your lips moist and colorful!  This lipstick comes in many great colors that are great for all skin colors.  This lipstick is better than a lip balm since it not only adds moisture but it also adds that great color to your lips which will enhance the rest of your makeup. Make sure you check with your Avon lady or online for this great lipstick.  Need a great color plus moisture?  Check out this great lipstick!


Frankston, TX


A rich and lasting color, I love it.!!!


I buy the cherry jubilee and I love the rich color. I like that the color last and dosn't fade. The color copliments my complexion and it' looks good on me. This lipstick also has colors I think that look good for women of color.


Suffolk, VA




Avon Perfect Wear All-Day Comfort Lipstick is absolutely wonderful! Other "stay-on" lipsticks,  always made my lips dry. This one does not! The lipstick stays soft and moist . Goes on smooth and color really lasts.Another plus is it has an SPF 12 in it. Very pleased with this product!


Auburn, GA


Avon PERFECT WEAR All-Day Comfort Lipstick SPF 12 - All Shades

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