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Avon NAILWEAR PRO Nail Enamel - All Shades

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nothing on the marlet can hold a candle to this nail polish!


I cannot imagine how I have gone through life without Avon Nailwear Pro! I used to have to get my nails done once a week and it was costing me a fortune! I had to cut back on expenses because of the economy and my nails were the first to go. I tried many-of the brands offered at the mass merchandisers, but with no luck. My nails would chip and break too often for me to be happy. If my nails weren't breaking, my polish was chipping and flaking off. It was sooooo embarassing! I couldn't take it anymore, so I went bare nailed for a few months. I wasn't happy about this either, but felt I had no alternative! One day out of the blue I got an email from a friend. She had started her own Avon business and wanted me to take a look. I was pretty pessimistic at first, because I had ordered Avon years ago and did not really care for any of their products. She was really in a pinch and was desperate for orders, so I tried to help her out. I looked through the brochure by way of her on-line store and found the least expensive product and bought it. Yeah, I know, I am a tightwad! Anyway, within a few days I had my Nailwear Pro. It was exactly the color I had chosen. Still nervous about trying it, I set it aside until the weekend. Saturday rolled around and I got out my bottle and my manicure set and began to do my nails. Boy was I surprised! I applied two coats. After letting them dry for a bit I started doing housework. To my surprise NO CHIPS! In fact I did not have to do my nails again for about 10 days! Through all the dishes, laundry, and gardening, the polish held up! I am sorry I did not try this sooner! I now order 3 bottles every teo weeks and cannot wait to try new colors! Avon has really stepped up their game from a few years ago. So far I have loved every product I have ordered from them! I guess this is two fold, because I get to help my friend make much needed extra money and I get to once again have beautiful nails! I am one satisfied customer!

Cramerton, NC


I only buy Avon Nailwear Pro now


I just recently switched from OPI to buying strictly Avon Nailwear Pro. I love the color selection and how bright and vibrant the colors are. The color samples in the book are pretty accurate to the actual polish color. It's awesome on my toes and I always get compliments on the colors. My only wish is that they had some lighter shades of pink or purple out right now :)

Curtis Bay, MD


In Love With Avon Nail Enamel Colors


I just bought this nail polish in jade (minty pastel green), vintage blue, and lavender. I love the consistency of the polish, it's not too thick and not too thin. And the colors are so unique! I've never seen these shades at the drugstore. I did have to put on 3 coats because the color is so light and it was streaky. I also added a clear topcoat, and my manicure has lasted 8 days so far without any chipping and only the slightest hint of wear on the bottom edge. I type all day and use my hands a lot for sewing and knitting, so I'm pretty impressed.

Waynesville, OH


Avon's Nailwear Pro Nail Polish is Great Quality


Avon's NAILWEAR PRO Nail Polish is amazing. I really enjoy it so much and I think it is great quality. The brush is on the thinner side of the brush ranges. I personally prefer thinner bristles since I do not have the widest nail beds and brushes like OPI makes it extremely difficult to paint my nails. On the whole the formulation for most of these nail polishes is really nice and opaque. Some of the cream polishes I find can tend to be a little goopy and not so even on the application. I prefer some of the more shimmery polishes since the formular tends to be a bit thinner but overall, I can work with all of the nail polish formulations. Some of my favorite colors are the Cotton Candy and Midnight. The colors I have tend to chip after a few days but that is normal with most nail polish brands. I recommend you try it out. Like I have said in my other reviews Avon products are great because the tend to be affordable and generally high quality. I'm sure it's more than likely that you have a friend who is a representative and is more than willing to show you the catalouges. If not, Avon also sells their products on the website. 

Manati, PR


Avon's Nailwear Pro really does last for 10 days!


Avon's Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel is said to last up to ten days with regular touch-ups.  And this is true! I've been wearing the new summer shade of Luxe Lavender for over 10 days now and my nails still look great! Nailwear Pro is quick-drying and comes in a variety of colors, with new ones being introduced regularly.  And not only does it have all the aforementioned features, but it's super affordable too!  I highly recommend this polish.

Seattle, WA


Amazing :)


I really loved this kind of nail polish. I ordered Cotton Candy and Lagoon and they looked fabulous. ♥ Of course you apply it first in the middle of the nail then the sides that way no streaks really show. Like all nail polish after awhile you''ll have to do touch ups. Though I think some of you know that Chemicals (cleaning, etc) can take nail polish off and chip nails, wear gloves when you clean. :)

Palm City, FL


Better and Cheaper than OPI!


I wore OPI for years and I am not sure if they have changed their formula's or what but OPI chips after only a few days.  With this being said, I was on a venture to find a polish that did not chip after only a few days.  Found it with Avon Nailwear Pro!! I LOVE AVON NAILWEAR PRO nailpolishes!!  They last easily for a week if not longer.  The colors are fantastic and the price is even better! Mind you, I always wear a top coat but I did with OPI too.  I will only be buying Avon nailpolish for now on.  I tried a few top brands in the drugstore and wasted my money.  I had seen where Avon nailwear was on sale so I bought a few bottles and tried them.  FINALLY a polish that stayed on and didn't chip after a couple of days!  In addition, the colors are fantastic and look shiny and very professional.  I will highly recommend Avon Nailwear Pro to friends and family.  Don't hestiate buying these polishes..actually, buy several when you find them on sale!

Fort Wayne, IN


Avon NAILWEAR PRO Nail Enamel - All Shades

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