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Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Lip Liner - All Shades

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Best lipliner


This is, so far, the best lipliner I've ever used. It goes on smoothly & keeps lipstick from feathering & bleeding. I have it in simply spice & mauve. The simply spice is a very versatile shade. You can wear it with almost any lipcolor. I can be a bit pricey but Avon has them on sale alot so you have to stock up when they do or catch them on Ebay. I'm hoping they'll come out with a clear shade soon! :)


Garner, NC


Avon Glimmersticks lip liner - all shades


I would like to recommend avon glimmersticks lip liner. I have bought this product for years. What I like about it, is when you put it on your lips before you put your lipstick on it helps your lipstick to stand out and lasts longer. The lip liner outlines your lips to prepare them for the lipstick. This glimmerstick lasts for quite awhile and avon puts them on sale quite often. The regular price is not too pricey for the length of time the product lasts. It is very easy to use and applies well with ease. It comes it quite a few colors that will compliment any shade of lipstic that you have. You can buy quite a variety of colors. They are a great saler as they have carried this product for a long time. This is a product that you have to purchase from an avon representative so that can be tricky if you do not have one. As you cannot buy this in a store of your choice. The avon guarantee for makeup is outstanding. They stand by all of their products.


Cameron, WI


Avon Glimmersticks Is Great!


I like how the eye liner glides on easy, most shades are pretty. The only down fall is a little can do A LOT. You do not need a lot of liner when using this product. Another downfall is getting it off your eyes. It sticks VERY well. The only thing i found to remove it easily is baby wipes.


Omaha, NE


Love it, just like the eye liners!


I love my glimmerstick lip liners. I use the mauve color as a base for anything else I put on my lips, I line, and fill with it, and I have all day color no matter what. They're really pretty colors, only about half a dozen of them, but they seem to work with just about any color lipstick you could need.


Fresno, CA


Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Lip Liner - All Shades

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