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Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner With Double the Retinol

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A must have for my lips


Love this product. I recommend this to anyone who has thin lips vertical lines and wants to have plump lips. Using this product over time helps to eliminate a lot of those ugly lines on lips.One of my must have cosmetics. Wear alone or under lip sticks or gloss. Conditions and prevents those chapped lips from peeling.



Works very well


I usually don't wear much color on my lips, but I do like them to look soft and smooth. My lips aren't thin, but I do like them to look more plump. This lipstick works very well. It doesn't have that annoying tingle that most lipstick that makes your lips more plump does. The subtle color is great too. It made my lips very smooth, soft and more full.



Great for your lips!


This lip conditioner is wonderful. It goes on so smoothly, softens my liplines & I definitely noticed a slight plumping effect. My lips just feel & look better with this underneath my lip color. They look super sexy & pouty...;)

Garner, NC


Plumping Lip Conditioner by Avon makes lips soft


I bought this product mainly to help plump up my lips that have lost something as the years have gone by.  Forget the plumping.  If they plumped up it's news to me.  I gave this product 4 stars because the condition my lips are in now is great!  You don't have the heaviness on your lips like you get with a wax based lip protector.  It's a little pricey for a lip product but I think you'll really like it.  With any luck maybe it will plump your lips.  I'm still looking for that miracle.  There's no way I would get shots in my lips for vanitys sake.  I was just hoping for a little help. 

Palm Springs, CA




I'm devestated because avon is no longer carrying this product. I have worn this everyday for 4 years and I am certain that I will find nothing that will compare. It really does plump the lips and make them look gorgeous. I like the natural but polished look on my lips. I keep them in my purse, car, bedroom and bathroom so I will always have one at hand. Please bring this product back and don't do anything to change it or make it better than what it is.

Tuckerton, NJ


Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner With Double the Retinol

4.8 5