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Avon All Over Kabuki Face Brush

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Cute and convenient


  The Avon  all over Kabuki face brush was smaller then I had imagined! I order out of the catalog through a representative  it appeared to be so much bigger! this is it! thi-this is It!...  How !  am I supposed to use something this small to put  my foundation on! Okay.... they proved me wrong" the little  kabuki brush comes with  it's own little vinyl case, drop it in your purse or make up bag and it won't take up any more space then your pen or compact mirror..that I like. Tap it to your powders and pat it on your face, the soft  little brush  is made of goat hair fells nice...and  dose exactly what I  first didn't  think it was capable of doing..... putting foundation on my face.   It's compact size make it a must  have for quick touch ups! I like it a lot!!  it cost only 4.99    


Detroit, MI


Move over powder puffs, Avon's All Over Kabuki Brush is in town


I was never one to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes, but you have no idea what 'a must' this kabuki brush is!  After the first time I used it I knew I had a good thing. I use my kabuki brush to apply loose mineral powder foundation. The brush helps to apply it so perfectly and evenly, leaving my face with coverage just the way I want it.  It's one of my most prized cosmetic accessories. If you don't have a kabuki brush, you don't know what you're missing.


South China, ME


Small and Powerful!


OK I must agree it was smaller than I expected too.  I ordered the smooth minerals kit from Avon and it came with it, it did look a lot bigger in the picture. When my order arrived I looked at it and was like your kidding I am suppose to use this it will take forever?! But, I was totally proven wrong. It was not time consuming and it did an awesome job at applying make-up, and it is small enough to take on the go for easy touch-ups! And my favorite thing about this brush so far is no shedding! I hate brushes that shed. This is a great little brush and I have used it for bronzers as well as for the pressed and loose mineral make-ups. It may take a little adjusting to if you are use to having a giant brush as I was, but maybe bigger isn't always better after all!  But I highly recommend it for anyone who likes brushes. It is a great little brush for the price and is very user friendly little guy!


Comer, GA


Avon All Over Kabuki Face Brush

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