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Asus PC Notebook

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Great laptop for the money.


This laptop has a great battery life.  It has a discrete graphics card that you can dynamically disable or enable.  Because of this you can play games with it.  It is small and can be considered an ultra-portable, but is not a netbook.  The laptop comes with a two year warranty with a one year accidental breakage warranty.  There is not a lot of laptops that can compete with its features.  The HDMI is nice.  I can watch an entire move and still have greater than fifty percent battery left. This laptop uses a Core 2 duo.  This is now about 2 generations old.  While you can easily overclock the CPU in software, it is starting to show its age.  The laptop also feels a little flimsy.  When you pick up the laptop by a corner while the laptop is open, you feel like the weight of the laptop could actually break as the frame bends a little.  I would actually buy this laptop again. I would recommend this for any college student as it will last you through multiple classes without the need to recharge.

Fort Mill, SC


Asus UL30A-A2 great for non-gamers


I have owned the Asus UL30A-A2 for over a year and I have not no issues with it. It is light and compact. It is halfway between a netbook and a regular laptop. It does not have an optical drive, which I think is great because it cuts down on weight of the laptop and I do not use an optical drive most of the time. I have an external optical drive when I do need it. On the road, I do not need it.I can get 10 hours of use out of it with wifi turned off. The wifi is kind of weak. It can do N, but only in the 2.4GHz frequency. The battery life is the primary reason why I bought this laptop. It is great that I don't have to worry about battery life when I bring this laptop outside of the home.The CPU is not the fastest, but it gets the job done. There are no lags when multitasking. I have Firefox opened with 4 tabs opened, winamp playing music, Excel spreadsheet opened, and MS Word opened with no problems. Photoshop users should have no problems either.I do not have any games installed other than the games that came with Windows 7. The Intel graphics card has h264 hardware acceleration. To use hardware acceleration with Flash 10, you will need the latest Intel drivers installed. I have connected this laptop to an external LCD HDTV via HDMI to watch videos with no problems.This is a great laptop for budget conscious buyers.

Minneapolis, MN


The Asus is a great light weight computer


I just got this computer several months ago after having constant problems with my HP.  I love it.  Now I am not a computer expert and do have high programming or software needs, so I can not attest to its abilities on that front.  But I am on the computer and online all day and have not run into any problems with the internet speed or disconnects.  It is light weight and easy to move around the house to different rooms where I need it.  I have also taken it on trips and was lightweight and easy to travel with.  One other problem that I had with the HP was that my battery and computer were constantly overheating and the bottom was getting very hot.  I have not had that problem with the ASUS at all.  The customer service interactions that I have had were quick and they were able to answer my questions effectively and quickly.  I would highly recommend this computer to any one that does not have highly technical computer needs like myself.  

White Plains, NY


Asus PC Notebook

4.7 3