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Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture Durapella Sofa in Oyster

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Durable and Lasting!


I purchased this sofa four years ago for my one bedroom apartment. The microfiber is especially durable and has withstood dirt, grime, and stains from our pets jumping all over it. The fabric has this protective stain coating on it, so even when you spill something on it, if you clean it right away, it doesn't stain. I once accidentally spilled some of my coffee on the sofa and cleaned it with a coarse rag and warm water. I was nervous as it was drying, but once it dried, the coffee didn't stain. At that moment, I was in love! We have also moved with the sofa, and in the process, it got dirt smeared on the back of it. I just cleaned it like before and it was great. It is a good scale and size to fit a small 650 square foot apartment to our current 1800 square foot home. So, even if you live in a small apartment and think it will take up too much space, think again! The sofa is also very comfortable but firm at the same time. After four years, the back and bottom cushions are still holding their shape, so it still looks like new even though we have had it for a while (and definitely beat it up over the years)!

Lexington, KY


The Jury is Out


We have had this beautiful sofa for about a week and a half. It is beautiful. Soft and firm at the same time. It is microfiber. But this microfiber is reportedly special. Apparently they test it with motor oil and stuff. That I don't know, but there was a little ballpoint pen on the cushion when we got it from a liquidation sale at an electronics store. It came off easily with a little oxyclean in water. Really easy. Apparently they put the legs on backwards at the store, because that is the only difference between ours and the photos. We like it better this way! We loved it for the first few days but after about a week, we started noticing a few large wrinkles happening on the cushion and the back pillows. Everything we've read indicates that microfiber is basically wrinkleproof so we're a little stumped on this and if we could return it we probably would have. We are still waiting to hear back from Ashley Furniture on this. So we are a little disappointed that our pretty little sofa has issues.

Edmond, OK


Ashley Furniture Durapella Sofa in Oyster

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