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Ashford Padded Suede Rocker Recliner, Brown Microfiber

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Good value for you money


Ordered a pair of these a week ago through Walmart. Fro the 279+ I was not really expecting much. Put need them on a low budget right now. I am pleasently suprised at how nice these really are. They were easy to assemble, just push the backs on and velcro the flap down. Very made, plush, truely padded and very comfortable. I have fallen aslepp in it twice in the 5 days I have had it. My 3 year old has already spilled a drink on the one but it was easly cleaned and you cannot tell where the spill was now. The only test left is how long will the last through normal wear and tear. Right now with the quality of the workmanship I expect to have these for quite some time.

Evans City, PA


Ashford Padded Suede Rocker Recliner, Brown Microfiber

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