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England Sofa

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Cheap, Low Quality Furniture


Who is doing math on this page. How much does a 78 rating cost with three 2s? We purchased a two piece sofa sectional, custom arranged and manufactured with our choice of fabric. That's the selling point. We picked the shape, color, and fabric. Very unique selling approach. Within a few months, the springs had given way, with your body plunging between the cushions if you got anywhere near the crease. We resorted to using throw pillows, then pieces of wood to shore up the extremely soft/non-existent springs. I'm awaiting the first tear, so I can toss it out and replace it. This was a very expensive, shockingly low quality purchase. I'll do my homework next time. I should have known better. Total gimmick.



Company has Gone WAY down Hill!


We purchased an England sofa 10 years ago and loved it! It stood up to three growing children and pets. So, naturally when we finally needed a new sofa last Fall (2013) we purchased another England. What a HUGE mistake! This sofa is not even 6 months old and already the arms are dented in from our elbows resting on them and the cushions are junk! We have been trying to deal with the store we purchased the sofa from which has been nothering but a pain in the butt! Emails to England go unanswered! The worst customer service ever! The only reason I gave it a 2 star rating is we got to choose from lots of fabric options. Do yourself a favor and buy another BRAND!

Pelham, NH


Stay Away from England!


  I was so excited to get this sofa.  It seemed to be just what my husband and I both wanted.  It had recliners on both ends, cup holders, and I was able to order a fabric that matched our living room perfectly. We chose a ribbed type fabric that soon started snagging on the foot rests of the recliners.  No big deal I thought,  I paid extra for Guardsman protection.  Wrong.  We have dogs.  It didn't matter that they aren't on the furniture, let alone the foot rests.  They wouldn't do anything about it.  England was no better, they told us (when we could get a hold of an actual person) that that should be covered by Guardsman, not them. Now, not quite 3 years later our sofa is junk.  One of the arm rests is leaning crooked. No luck getting anyone to answer our calls at this point at all.  There is a hole in the middle cusion, and the frame can be felt everytime someone sits on it.  I have to say I'm disappointed all the way around with this company.  The workmanship was shoddy to say the least, the guarantee is worthless, and the price is a rip off.   We are in the market for a new sofa, and I can promise it won't be from England!  

Warsaw, IN


England Sofa

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