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Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel Deodorant

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100% protection with Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel Deodorant.


In England it really didn't matter what deodorant we used, it always worked. When we came to Florida 24 years ago, that was not the case. You need an excellent deodorant to get through the summer heat. This we found in the Arrid brand. The only fault I could find with the product was that it marked clothing. This is why I love the Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel Antiperspirant/Deodorant. It comes in a big 2.8 ounce (79g) roll on. It is oval shape, and easy to hold. When you take the blue cap off, you have to pull off the silver seal. Underneath are 3 slits. When you turn the wheel at the bottom, It then brings the gel up, and out through these slots. The fragrance I have is Morning Clean, and that's how you feel. It doesn't stain clothing, and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Great for the man of the house, and delicate enough for me. I got mine on sale for 99 cents.


New Port Richey, FL


Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel Deodorant

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