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American Weigh (AWS)
American Weigh (AWS) Blade Scale 1000 x 0.1g

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AWS blade scale, great multipurpose scale


The AWS blade scale is very well built and designed to be accurate. My scale was calibrated when i got it but sicne i purchased it by mail it came with a 500g weight so that I could recalibrate it to make sure it was totally accurate. The company said that if it got banged around in transport it could be off. The scale is very accurate and easy to use. You can set it to weigh in grams or ounces. Therefore it is multifunctional. You can weigh letters in grams to see how much postage to use and then you can use it for cooking to measure in ounces. I believe it to be accurate because I have never had any postage returned. The scale can weigh anything up to 2.2 pounds and gives the weight to the hundreth. I find the scale to be useful when I purchase products, like spices, in bulk and want to repackage them in smaller quanities. The scale is easy to assemble and clean. It comes with instructions on how to clean it but a regular wipe works fine


Travelers Rest, SC


Compact, affordable, efficient


This scale weighs items up to 2.2 lbs and weighs in both grams and ounces. I use only the ounces function for mailing purposes and I like the fact that it measures to hundreth of an ounce. It has save me countless amounts of time standing in line at the post office. I package and weigh my item, print postage online and the mailman picks it up at my house. Easy peasy! The scale is calibrated in the factory but the manufacturuer recommends calibrating it with a 500 gram weight due to the effect changing gravitational pull may have on calibration. That may be important if you need accuracy to the hundreth ounce but for my purposes it was not necessary. The backlit display is easy to read and there is an automatic shut off function after the scale is idle for a seconds. I know this scale was not designed for weighing mail so my only criticism is really fair. Having said that - the display is well lit and easy to raed but for large envelopes and packages, it is sometimes tricky to see the reading. However, this scale cost FAR less than a postal scale and i have appropriated it for that use. Overall, I am quite pleased with my decision.


Rocky Face, GA


American Weigh (AWS) Blade Scale 1000 x 0.1g

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