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Altec Lansing Orbit MP3 Portable Speaker - for phones and iPhone, Silver

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Super performer


I read the reviews about this product before buying. Most of the reviews were very positive, so I decided to buy it, since it was available at a great price too at that time. The first thing I like was that the speaker came with its own carry bag, in which the whole thing can be packed in a compact form, which is great for taking while travel. The bag is well built. When I connected the speaker to my laptop, I was surprised by the area filling sound it produced. I immediately diconnected it from the laptop to check the difference in sound this speaker makes. The laptop speakers at full volume produced a shallow sound, however, as soon as the speaker was connected, the sound was rich and deep. Movie watching at hotel rooms is now a real pleasure. The bass is great for a speaker of this size.The cons of this speaker is that there is no volume control, only on/off button. Also the connection cable is really short. I was trying to place it in the center position with respect to the screen, but the cable was short. However, if there was any imbalance between the sounds coming to my right and left ears, it was not perceptible. So I was OK with that. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. If you want to carry a tiny speaker and still want to hear big sound, buy this speaker.


Santa Clara, CA


Small but Powerful


I purchased this little speaker during Xmas holiday. I do have an iTouch and other Mp3 players, but not in real need of such a portable speaker. But it went on sale, so why not give myself a gift? Pros: Mobility. It's really very small. Think about a normal mark cup, this speaker has similar radius, but less than half of height. When it comes to your bag (you can put it in your pocket but it's not a slim cell phone anyway), it hardly adds some weight. It has a carrying bag and a hook with it, so you can hook it to anywhere you want to go along with you, very convenient. Volume. It looks like a gnome, but the volume is like a roaring tiger. Once I invited some friends to my place and showed them this little toy, having an iTouch plugged to it. It can fill our living room without tuning to maximum volume. Really impressive. It's an ideal choice to take this toy out for picnic, BBQ, hiking, etc. Fari sound quality. You can't compare it with full stand speakers. But it's still better than iTouch or cellphone's speakers.   Cons: No built-in rechargeable batteries. It needs 3 AAA batteries. I'd hope it has some built-in one. Maybe I'm asking too much for this price.


Mc Lean, VA


Altec Lansing Orbit MP3 Portable Speaker - for phones and iPhone, Silver

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