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Almay Pure Blends Lip Gloss - All Shades

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Lipgloss smells like Play-Doh that's been handled by 30 kids


By all appearances, Almay Pure Blends is a great product for someone who is environmentally/health conscious and doesn't want to put harmful chemicals in her body.The good points:The label states the lipgloss is 95.8% natural, hypoallergenic, and contains antioxidants- acai, lotus and orchid blend. The product is also talc and paraben free. Its packaging is also minimal- just a few pieces of plastic. The product comes in a variety of natural shades, and the gloss is shiny and very true to color. Each tube contains 0.46 fl oz.The bad:Unfortunately, this lipgloss smells like Play-Doh that's been handled by 30 kindergarteners! Not sure how it even made it out of product testing. For a product that is applied directly under the nose, this is a BIG problem. Perhaps the strong odor is due to the lack of fragrance in the lip gloss (an original reason for purchasing the item). Maybe all lip gloss smells like this, but other manufacturers cover it up! Almay should reconsider their formulation and add some essential oils which can improve the scent. This seems to be a problem with all colors (Heather and a nude shade tested).  Bottom line: Don't waste your money.

Tampa, FL


Grossest smelling lip gloss ever!


I was beyond excited to see a whole bunch of Almay Pure Blends products for sale, so I purchased one of their lip glosses.  My excitement didn't last long at all though. This product has to be the nastiest smelling beauty product ever! It just smells like chemicals that have gone bad or something!  To top the smell (if you possibly could) when I tried to put it on a bunch of watery liquid came out! It was supposed to be this really pretty peachy pink color, but what I got was nothing like that! I then tried to shake the tube to no avail. I basically had to squeeze out half of the tube until something resembling lip gloss actually started to come out!  Once I got this on my lips its only OK. Super shiny. OK color. But my lips stink like the lipgloss now. Great!  It does have 95.8% natural ingredients which is a plus. And it's eco-friendly.  I know this is an extremely negative review, but I just would not want anyone to waste their money on this product! Obviously this was on sale for a reason (it's bad!) 

Minneapolis, MN


I find myself reaching for this over my chanel lipgloss! LOL


Looks like I'm in the minority here, but I really like this lipgloss, and I'm pretty picky.  I love the 'natural'  or 'nude' color--- it is the perfect nude lip --- more perfect than the chanel lipgloss that sits in my vanity while the Almay's home is in my purse.  Hmmmm.....

Rocky River, OH


Don't do it!


Like other reviewers I was enticed by the pretty package, subtle shades and promise of a 95.8% natural product.  Natural, it may be.  However, I put some on and within minutes wiped it back off.  It stinks.  To me it smelled like latex paint. However, having paid somewhat more than I normally would for a lipgloss, I felt like I needed to give it failr chance.  Well, lip glop might be more accurate a name.  The texture was unpleasant, and it did not go on very evenly.  My lips felt about the way they would if I actually had used latex paint to tint them.  I think the color might have been nice if it had been more evenly applied, although it was more brown than it appeared in the tube.  A sip of water left a greasy smudge on the rim of the glass that was difficult to remove. When it started to sting, I took it off.  I was very disappointed.  I have used and liked Almay products in the past.  I've used other brand's natural formulations and been pleased; I'm really sorry this didn't work out.

Bloomington, IN


Almay Pure Blends Lip Gloss - All Shades

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