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Alba Botanica
Alba Botanica Facial Sunscreen SPF 20

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Alba is a great brand, anything they make is exceptional


Alba is an amazing brand. They care about the planet and make environmentally friendly products. And they don't come with a very big price tag either. Now I have very sensitive skin, nearly every facial lotion makes me break out, and I'm 23 I don't get zits much anymore. Despite all the ads neutrogena has about it being good for your skin, all their products seem to make me break out. Alba however is one of the few brands that work great with my skin. I've tried Aveeno, Clinique, Lancome and plenty others I'm sure you don't care about. But this facial sunscreen lotion works great with my skin. I love it. Also your face is the part of your body most susceptible to UV exposure. Think about it, its the skin that recieves the most exposure all year long. I'm guilty as anyone of forgetting to put on sunscreen in the colder months when sunscreens aren't an issue, but UV rays still are sun or rain (I live in the Northwest). I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for a better facial sunscreen.


Vancouver, WA


They got it right!


I have trouble finding sunscreen, facial cleanser, make up, to put on my face. My skin is ultra sensitive.  This product truly works, even on my children.  I just purchased more to use for this summer.


Kershaw, SC


Alba Botanica 's Sunscreen is great!


This is the first time I tried a product of Alba Botanica. I heard that  the brand has been having a good reputation as making natural products. My friend suggested me to use it since I had a hard time to find a nice sunscreen for summer time. I am really concerned about my skins because every summer I got a sever rush after using sunscreen for some reasons. So, i had a doubt about this sunscreen, too. When I started using Alba Botanica's Sunscreen. SPF 20 for sensitive skin, I didn't find big differences from other brands'. I mean,the smell of this product is excatly the same from th others and I though I might get a rush again. But., I realized that this sunscreen had never irritated my skin though I use it every day. so, I could say that  this is really good for people who are suffering from allergies. I feel that I  don't need to worry about going to walk in the summer sunlight any more. I would recommend the others to try it if they have a sensitive skin like me.


Bend, OR


Alba Botanica Facial Sunscreen SPF 20

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