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Air Press
Air Press Air Massage Boots Leg Massager

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These things are simular in looks to those used on the rehab floors of hospitals, but dont let them fool you they are just cheap knockoffs,they dont give you any form of relaxation at all. they are so noisy you couldnt sleep if you tried and so combersome that you cant move around with the comfortably.The danger to them are that thousands of woman and men have small blood clots in their legs that they are not aware of and this product could shake them loose and they could go straight to your heart causeing it to stop.also if you have high blood pressure these will make it go up even higher. if you have poor circulation go to the doctor and find out why,Dont use these things,they could kill you.

Blanchard, OK


Completely ridiculous. I plead temporary insanity!


***Quick View:*** I thought this would help sooth my achy legs after working out or hiking. It is such a silly concept. I spent way too much time trying to get everything to work right that I was miserable and didn't enjoy the "massage" this contraption gave me.***About the Air Press Air Massage Boots Leg Massager*** This comes with pressure boots that slip over your legs and feet and  have wrap around pads that extend up to the thigh. There is an opening for the knees so you can bend your legs but you have to get these things on just so in order for them to fit properly. Once you finally get the boots on both legs, you can use the handheld remote to turn on the massager. It will blow up the things on your legs then vibrate - loudly. I feel no massage, I feel pressure. It's almost scary but I assume it is good for circulation. The pump is battery powered and forces air in and out of the pockets or chambers and feels funky. Not good, not bad, just really ... funky. I found the whole thing to be completely silly and I probably used it three times in total. I couldn't get it all back in the box and I just was totally frustrated with it. My legs felt no better than before I used the massager and my level of frustration had risen. That is what I get for buying into the "As Seen on TV" hype. Again. There are some warnings. Don't use if you heart problems, vascular problems, a pacemaker, high blood pressure, or are recovering for surgery or an injury. They don't mention these warning anywhere so, you may buy this, and realize you can't use it so please heed the warnings here. ***My Viewpoint*** Noisy, cumbersome, frustrating, annoying, and silly. Hmmm. How should I rate this product? I know! ***1 star!***

The heart of , NY


Air Press Air Massage Boots Leg Massager

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