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Air Beds Unlimited
Air Beds Unlimited  Series 5 Spinel Air Bed

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We will recommend Air Beds Unlimited. Very easy to work with!


My husband and I have been saving for a new bed for quite some time.  We decided on an Air Bed but we were floored by how much they get for the Air Beds that are in the malls.  That's when we went on the internet and found Air Beds Unlimited.  The customer service/sales people were very helpful and we never felt pressured.  They have always communicated with us and we were aware it would take 7-12 Business days for delivery.  Our Air Bed was delivered in a week.  We found it very easy to assemble even though my husband has 2 left thumbs.  We did have a question about initially setting the firmness and Air Beds Unlimitede walked us right through the process.  Finally, we also could not have afforded this nice of Air Bed had we not found Air Beds Unlimited.  We would like to give them a big thanks and now my back is feeling much better

Harrold, TX


Bed is great, but was confusion to finally get entire system.


Airbeds Unlimited.  My husband and I wanted an airbed without spending alot of money.  The best deal we found was at Airbeds Unlimited.  The Sapphire mattress set was ordered.  The trouble began when my payment was not processed through Paypal.  I was contacted by the company and instructed to order it again.  They got all my information but the payment wasn't complete.  They were so embarrassed by the messup that they insisted they give us our digital double air pump set FREE. So the same bed was reordered the next day.  This time the amount was accepted.  You are supposed to get a tracking number as soon as the bed is picked up by the trucking company for delivery.  They report 7-12 days to delivery.  After more than a week we still never received the tracking number email.  We had to call the company at least 3 times for a status.  Finally they sent my husband that email.  Our bed was in Florida and due for a Tuesday delivery, Dec. 2.  When we got home from work on Monday night, the bed had been delivered and my son pulled the 75 lb box inside the house.  We proceeded to set up the bed.  There was no pump to inflate the air mattresses, nor the digital hand controls for 'tweaking' the soft/firmness.  The company was contacted, and he informed us he would call and find out why we didn't get a pump, and how fast we could receive one, and he'd get back to us.  We never got that call last night.  We wanted our bed.   So we used our leaf blower to inflate the mattresses.  We made up the bed and slept on it.   ***Airbeds Unlimited did work with us to get the problems resolved and we do like the bed. But we still have no idea why UPS is still stopping by our house (now 3 times) to pick up the inflator (as stated by the driver) or the empty damaged (?) carton as stated by Airbeds Unlimited, and I am still displeased with the fact that I had to constantly call them in order to get any information as to the status of our order. Emails are supposed to be automatic upon receipt of order and pickup for delivery.  Those emails only came after they were contacted for status, and a manual email had to be sent to us.   As a Kitchen Designer, customer service is everything to me and I have learned that if the client is kept informed, there are a lot less probems when things do go wrong. While I appriciate the fact that the Airbeds Unlimited team was very helpful in resolving the problems, they should have been calling me to ensure problems were being solved. Not waiting for me to call them.  We love the bed, but there is still alot of confusion and cross wires involving Airbeds Unlimited, and Innamax.  It was just way too complicated a way to get a mattress.***

Pasadena, MD


Air Beds Unlimited Series 5 Spinel Air Bed

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