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Don't waste your money on an AeroBed!


We purchased our AeroBed thinking that any houseguests could use it due their visits to our house.  We quickly realized through many complaints, that this bed is terrible.  First of all, it is **very** cumbersome to roll and unroll.  Second, it is amazing loud to inflate the mattress.  It is soooo difficult to adjust the firmness/softness of the mattress too.  Every time I've been unfortunate enough to have to use our AeroBed, I've woken up with a very sore back....and I don't have any back problems!  Another big problem with the AeroBed is that when one person moves, it's VERY noticeable to the other person.  In fact, I almost made my husband fall off of the bed, just due to me trying to get off of it.  The product is great in theory, but terrible in reality.  I even feel bad when I have my children sleep on it now due to houseguests!  It's fairly difficult to get rolled back up too, so I very rarely use this product anymore...it's just not worth it!

Washington, IL


Very comfy while it lasted.


This bed was so comfy when we first got it. My husband snores a lot, so he used it when I had to get sleep for work, which was usually 3 to 4 days a week for close to a year. It was great because you could adjust how firm or soft you wanted it. Unfortunately, after taking it to my in-laws, and the aforementioned heavy use by my husband, the bed got a small hole. It developed a slow leak and you would wake up in the morning flat on the floor with the sides curled up. The bed came with a patch kit, but that didn't work because we couldn't get it to stay affixed. So, my father in-law decided to patch the mattress with one of his rubber patches that he saved from the 70's. (They just don't build stuff like they used to). Anyway, when he tried to apply the patch, it disintegrated, and that was the end of our first AeroBed. The pump was so easy to use and filled up fast. I did find that it was hard for me to roll up and fit into the bag that it came with. It was like all of the air would not come out. Despite our troubles with this mattress, it was quite heavenly while it lasted, and did not impede us from buying several others of the same brand. Gluttons for punishment, yes we are.  

Great Mills, MD


Best purchase we've ever made for our guests!


We have a small house but love having guests stay over.  We were choosing to purchase either a sleeper sofa or an aerobed, and we decided with the aerobed.  We have never had any regrets, and every one of our guests have been VERY comfortable on our aerobed.  It's compact, extremely easy to use, and very durable.  This is cheaper than a sleeper sofa and so much more comfortable.  Every household should have one of these.

Austin, TX




Let me start of by just saying, I love the AeroBed queen size mattress. I previously had always been a light sleeper who just couldn't find the right mattress that was comfrotable for me. But I am glad to say, that now with the AeroBed queen size mattress, I have found the mattress for me. I had been told that I tossed and turned in my sleep and the reason for that was because I just could never get comfrotable. I always thought it was a problem I had and it never occured that I had the wrong mattress. But as soon as I got the AeroBed queen size mattress I have never slept better in my whole entire life. No longer am I tossing and turning in my sleep. No longer am I waking up constantly and over and over in the middle of the night because I can't get to sleep. With the AeroBed queen size mattress, as soon as I lay my head down and close my eyes I don't wake up until my alarm goes off. Truly the best mattress I have ever had.

Corunna, MI


AeroBed Queen Sleep Away 0

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