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AeroBed Queen Raised Signature Comfort 4523

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More comfortable than the non-raised beds


My grandmother has this AeroBed in her house for when we visit and I must say that it is more comfortable than some cots I've slept on in hotels.  It easily fit regular sheets and when completely inflated, provided better support than sleeping on the floor.  The height was a nice benefit because it made the bed easy to get in and out of. My biggest concern about the bed was that if not fully inflated, it feels like you're floating on a pool float.It made me slightly dizzy but I inflated the bed more and eventually found that comfortable amount of air.  I was afraid of over-inflating it but I didn't have an issue. Deflating the bed was simple because of the large release valve.  I easily rolled the mattress up and put it back in the convenient storage bag. The one thing I would recommend is getting a larger mattress if you can fit it in your house.  The dizziness I felt might have been because the twin mattress was kind of small.  

Philadelphia, PA


Very comfortable-AeroBed Quickly Inflates


This is automatic inflate from electric socket and deflates quick with a release valve.  Can make it soft or hard surface depending on the amount of air you use. Stores away when not in use but sure is handy for the overnight guests. Comes with a mattress pad all of quality thickness, Well worth the investment if you do not have spare room.

Daytona Beach, FL


AeroBed Queen Raised Signature Comfort 4523

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