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Adam's Detail Spray

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The only detailer we use on our show cars


If you have hot rods, collector cars or show cars, you need this product.  There are lots of detail sprays on the market, but none as good as Adams Detail Spray in the pink bottle.  This is the only detailer we use on all our cars.  Just spray a light spray of watter, followed by a spray of Adams and wipe with a fluffy microfiber towel, for a mirror finish.  If you have a good wax job on your car, you should not need to wash it all season.  Just spritz with Adams and wipe, to return your car to all its glory. We use it on the wheels and chrome too.  I love the smell of this product.  It has a nice cherry smell, not all chemical like.  This really works so well, we buy it by the gallon.  We keep small spray bottles in all the show cars.  This doesn't streak or spot.  If you have a clay bar, use Adams Detail Spray with your application.  Unfortunately, I have not seen this in stores.  We order direct online from Adams.

Elburn, IL


A waterless car wash and more


Adam's Detail Spray is the most versatile and frequently used component in my detail kit.  A must for me to have on hand at car shows, and sometimes I utilize it as a waterless car wash when I'm out and about, and a hose just isn't available.  It removes dirt, smudges, and grime, leaving your surfaces with a smooth, ultra-high gloss finish.  Quick and easy to use with great results, leaving your car or bike with enhanced depth and clarity of paint, chrome, aluminum, plastics, and/or glass.  Non abrasive, and safe for all surfaces, it's a one product fits all kind of tool to have.  Also eco friendly, definitely a plus.  I also use Detail Spray as a lubricant when I utilize a clay bar to remove the imperfections in my paint surface.  It can be used in any temperature, in the sun or shade, and it's a great way to bring back your car or bike's shine when your on the go.  Best of all it doesn't have that car product smell like toxic chemicals, and has a rather pleasant fragrance. I've even used it to clean appliances in my house.  Adam's Detail Spray comes with a spray attachment for convenience, and is available in a variety of sizes.  The 16oz spray bottle sells for $9.95, but it's also available in 4oz, 1/2 gallon, and gallon sizes.  I use it all of the time and give it ***5 stars*** easily.   

Bellingham, WA


Adam's Detail Spray

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