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3M Picture Hang Strips Medium

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Love the ease of use, and no holes!


Love the Command products for hanging pictures and hooks. So easy to use, inexpensive, and doesn't leave swiss cheese walls! Can change out pictures without leaving a mess. I also use them outside for hanging my temperature sensor for an atomic clock. The hanging strips hold on despite heat, rain and wind!

Myrtle Beach, SC


Wow a homeowners dream item.


They are absolutely awesome! We have used them on walls & doors. They have held numerous towels and clothing items. It adhered perfectly and they seem to hold a great amount of weight. I just actually had to remove my 1st one; it was so easy! All I had to do was pull the strip and it really did just come right down!

Douglasville, GA


keep your wall hole-free


Since purchasing my 3M picture hanging strips for a couple posters currently hanging on my wall (back in 2008) I have found it to be a product. I spent quite a while researching similar sticky stripss before making this purchase. I also compared advice from close friends who have made similar purchases. I mainly needed this item for holding up a couple decorative posters without putting holes in the wall and I figured I would need it to hold for years. It should also be noted that I back all my of posters and pictures with heavy duty artboard to "frame" the artwork. I really like how the 3M strip really does hold up the pictures. However, after about 2 years, I have noticed that their stickness subsides. On one hung picture in particular, the bottom strips have detached themselves from the wall. The thing I like most about this product is that it really doesn't leave holes in your wall and at the same time can be easily removed. My decision to buy this sticky strips was a wise one. I rate this item very highly.

Columbus, OH


3M Picture Hanging Strips are great!


I drive my husband crazy moving thing around the house. I was famous for hanging something and six months later moving it. I left a trail of nail holes. These hook and eye fasteners are terrific! They hold up poster frames and when removed leave no damage or residue. I love all the 3M Command products. I use them all the time now!

Salem, NH


Picture hanging strips way better than nails


The great thing about Command products is the ability to have a something with a very strong adhesive up indefinitely, but be easily removable without any damage to the surface. Command makes mounting strips, hooks, and mounting strips made especially for hanging pictures. I think my favorite of all products are these picture hanging strips. They are very strong (every picture I have ever hung with them is still hanging safely). A great feature is that the strips are detachable (think like Velcro) so you can re-position a picture over and over to make sure it is straight. But the best thing about these strips is that when you don't want them up anymore, you just pull the Command strip straight down, and it detaches from the wall very easily without leaving any residue; no nails to pull out, spackling to do, repainting, etc. These are especially a great option for apartment living, as you don't have to worry about what to hang where.

Colorado Springs, CO


Not so great


I have come to love the line of 3M hooks but these, not so much. I used them to hang light weight pieces of canvas art that my kids painted. These were 8x10 canvas pieces on clean walls. They held for a few weeks, then one at a time they started falling off the wall. I had to resort to methods that will end up marring my walls instead. They were hanging in my basement, which is a finished living area, with no dampness. It does get chilly down there and perhaps that is the reason although I saw no indications that they should only be used a room tempature enviroment on the packaging. I also attempted to hang 12x12 finished scrapbook pages using these. I had a bit more success with that endevour although a few of the heavier pieces, again, did fall. Those were also used in the basement. Why these were such a disappointment, I do not know, as I know the 3m hooks hold our filled stockings beautifully each Christmas, however, I would not recommend these particluar pieces in confidence, based on my experience.

Clio, MI


3M Command Picture Hanging strips are awesome!


We have an 18 month old daughter that we designed a garden themed room for- complete with butterflies, a picket fence, and daisies everywhere.  I got tons of those cute painted wooden insects and animals from my local craft store and it really made the look complete.  With those small wooden crafts and the delicate fabric butterflies, there was no way we were using nails.  In comes 3M picture hanging strips to the rescue!   I was able to apply my wonderful designs ALL over the place thanks to this wonderful invention.  I left a very small portion of the tab hanging out for convenient removal later on, but for now her walls are still freshly painted and undamaged and her room has the complete garden look.  These strips adhere together like velcro making them extremely easy to apply.  None of my items I used them for are actually pictures, so I cannot comment on that, but I can say that they are working great on all of our delicate decorations.  I highly recommend any 3M product in the Command line!

Lavon, TX


These make picture hanging easier.


These picture hanging strips from 3M sounded amazing. They give you the ability to hang a picture (or something else- I hung a weather station in my hallway with them) in an easy way that will not damage the wall, ever. These also give you the ability to take the picture off the wall and straighten it out better or maybe even change the picture that is hung up. The only negative thing that I found with these picture hangers is when you want to take the picture off the wall and readjust. The first several times that I attempted to do this, both pieces of the picture hanger came right off and left nothing on the wall. This made the piece stuck to the wall less effective and I wasn't able to use it again. Once I was able to get them to work properly they have been great. I am able to change the batteries in my weather station and it is mounted soundly. I know that there won't be an ugly hole to fix if I ever have a need to take the weather station down.

Cincinnati, OH


Great way to hang pictures with command strips


To me these picture hanging strips are the only way to go when hanging things on the walls.  They are true to the 3m Command name when they come clean off your wall leaving no marks behind.  They are easy to use and make hanging pictures, artwork, etc. a breeze.  I really like the velcro that holds the two pieces in place so that you can reposition what you're hanging without having to take it all down and redo it.  All you have to do is attach it to the item you want to hang place it in the desired position on the wall and stick.  Then unvelcro the item from the wall leaving one part still stuck to the wall after letting it sit, reattach your item that you are hanging and you're done!  No nail holes!  I use this to hang almost anything on the wall not just picture frames and artwork but clocks and plaques, etc.  I can't say enough about the command strip products, they are just amazing!

Spring, TX


3M Picture Hang Strips Medium

4.7 9