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Sony DR-320DPV/BLK

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Overpriced but Stylish Headset


I kind of like this headset, but I don't think it's a very good product. When I first removed the headset from its packaging, I was really disappointed by what I found. The headset had a very cheap feel even for a mid-range plastic set of headphones. The headset is very very light; the weight of the earpieces is almost indiscernible. The headband doesn't have any for of cushioning. It uses a standard rubber cord, and I've come to expect braided nylon wrapped cords even at this price point. The design doesn't make a lot of sense for VOIP, but I guess I knew that before I purchased the headset. The open air ear pieces it uses aren't meant to provide noise isolation so it might be difficult to use the headphones in a very loud room. The microphone unfortunately fails to provide any noise isolation as well, though. It isn't a horrible combination for using VOIP, but it will only work in a quiet room (and a desktop stand microphone would still make more sense). In most other aspects I like the headset.  It fits me well (which is unusual for a set of large headphones like this) and stays in place even though it is very comfortable (likely because of the light weight). There is a lot of room for adjustment on the band.  I was surprised that when fitting the headphones, I lengthened the band less than half way.  I don't have an especially small head so they should fit just about anyone.  Audio clips recorded with the microphone sounded very accurate (even the background noise...). Music playback sounded a little bit better than I expected, but not great. It's still tiny and not all of the bass comes through.  The headphones work for me because I have a quiet room to use them in. They sound good enough to me going in and coming out, and I do really like the way they look. However, if I had paid anything close to full price, I wouldn't have accepted how cheap they feel.

Sioux Falls, SD


Sony DR-320DPV/BLK

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