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 Shakleekids Incredivites Multivitamin

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Great Kids product!


I am really picky when it comes to picking out vitamins for my kids and which ones I feel comfortable giving them. This particular vitamin I really like and feel very comfortable giving them. I like that it is a multivitamin that has 23 essentials vitamins that is a chewable vitamin so it is easy for them to bite into and chew. It has some major benefits to it that I really love for example, lactoferrin, which helps their immune system stay strong. My kids take one in the morning and one at night. It also has vitamin D which supports their growing bones. I do have one dislike and it is the taste. If you have a picky eater this might take some time getting used too. One of kids takes it just fine without a problem, but my other one gave me a hard time for awhile. I started giving to her with a vitamin C chewable tablet and she took it without a problem but now she has gotten used to the taste and takes it fine. It has a slight chalky taste to it but the taste dissolves fairly quickly.

Antioch, IL


Shakleekids Incredivites Multivitamin

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