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191t plus
Samsung SyncMaster 191T+ Monitor

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Samsung SyncMaster 191T, An awesome monitor


I have had this monitor for over 7 years now with no issues.  I purchased this monitor when LCD's were rather expensive and was a little leary about getting it at the time.  Not any longer, it has outlasted any other monitor that I have ever purchased. If you want quality, I suggest getting a Samsung monitor.

Nashville, TN


Why watch Superbad and October Road and surf at the same time?


Because that's what you can do with a monitor that has a screen that size. As long as you cut the DVD screen down to half size. It is visually stimulating. Almost like watching numerous TV channels at once. Reminds me of that moment in Back to the Future Part 2.

Sheridan, OR


Great for Graphics Work


Besides a camera, one of the most important tools for a digital photographer is a high quality monitor for image processing. So when I was in the market for a good 19" flat panel monitor,  I chose the **Samsung SyncMaster 191T Plus** 19" flat panel LCD monitor. **Why this Monitor?** I went with a flat panel because I needed the extra space on my desk. I knew that the 19" LCD monitors came at a high premium, but I needed the extra screen real estate because I often work on multiple pictures at once. In fact, though I only purchased one monitor, my workflow would be best with about two of these. I chose the Samsung SyncMaster for a couple of reasons. I had read good reviews of Samsung and I knew that they had been making quality monitors for several years. Also, this particular monitor was on sale for a steep discount, which never hurts. I kept my receipt and intended to take the monitor back if I had any problems with it. **About the 191T Plus** This is a mid-range monitor with many great features. The specifications for the monitor are: * Viewable Image Size: 19" Color: 24-bit color Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 750:1 Dot Pitch: 0.29mm Viewing Angle (H/V): 170 / 170 Interface: Analog/Digital Horiz. Frequency: 30-81 Max/Native Resolution: 1280 x 1024 Emissions Standard: TCO '99 Hardware Platform Compatibility: PC, Mac, Sun Available Color(s): Black, Silver Special Features: Dual CPU input (analog/digital) & auto signal detection, 0.7" bezel width, internal power supply. Pivet Technology * Several of the features that were important to me were the high maximum native resolution - 1280 x 1024 means that I can fit more junk onto my desktop. The dual inputs were also useful. I don't currently have a DVI video card, so I need analog right now, but that's one of my planned upgrades, so I want DVI capability to be there for when I need it. The DVI interface on monitors produces a much more clear image than when using the analog interface. I also liked the internal power supply. One of the things I hated about slimline LCD monitors in the past was the external brick power supply. **Unpacking and Setting Up** The beauty of LCD monitors is that they are so small and light, the Samsung 191T Plus is no different. At 16.4" wide x 16.1" high x7.5" deep at the base, the monitor only weighs about twelve pounds. Removing the monitor and styrofoam molding, I placed it on my desktop, hooking up the power cord and the analog cable. Driver installation is simple - when prompted by Windows XP, I inserted the CD-ROM that came with the monitor and had the drivers installed in just a couple of minutes. **Using the Monitor** Across the bottom of the monitor are six buttons: Auto, Exit/Source, the "Magic Bright" button, Picture adjustment buttons, the Menu button and the Power button. The Auto button provides direct access to the auto adjustment feature, the "Magic Bright" button accesses a Samsung feature that sets the brightness at a predetermined setting based on whether the monitor is displaying text, the Internet via web pages, or Entertainment. I found that none of these presets was bright enough for my liking. There is one dead pixel on my display which is, annoyingly enough, in the very center of the monitor. It's tough to see, unless I happen to be editing an area of an image that's placed right over the pixel. Then it drives me nuts. Monitor replacement is usually only authorized if there are several dead pixels, so I live with it. The display tilts forward and back, and raises up and down. It raises and lowers easily enough, but each time I angle the display, I get the disconcerting feeling that I'm about to break it because it moves so stiffly. The picture on the monitor is bright, crisp and clear. After I calibrated it using my Pantone ColorVision Spyder, the colors are true. Pantone recommends re-calibrating your monitor once every few weeks, but I find that the monitor rarely requires any changes when I go to re-calibrate it. I sit in front of this monitor for up to twelve hours a day sometimes. This monitor is clear enough that it doesn't give me any headaches or eye strain. This is quite a relief, particularly since I've used other (*cough* ViewSonic) LCD monitors that gave me such eyestrain that I couldn't sit in front of them for more than an hour. I've never used this monitor as a gaming monitor so I can't speak to how well it renders games. For graphic work and text, however, it's excellent. The fact that the colors and text are so clear, and that the monitor can be both bright and saturated in color, is a real benefit for me. **Cat's Bottom Line** Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase of this monitor. It takes up very little room, is easily moved on my desk, and fortunately I don't have to tilt it very often for comfortable viewing. With both analog and DVI interfaces, it's a monitor that I think will grow with me. I've not had any serious technical issues with this monitor, and it behaves reliably.

Charlotte, NC


Samsung SyncMaster 191T+ Monitor

4.7 3