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Razer Lycosa (RZ0300180100) Gaming Keyboard

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Great upgrade from regular keyboards


The average person isn't gonna be buying a gaming keyboard. They're expensive and have alot of features they probably wouldn't use. I know alot of people who still just use the stock manufacture keyboards that the computer came with. Well, if you do alot of gaming, this keyboard is definitely the next step up. For the price, you get alot of features and the keyboard feels great. I love the Razer brand and I think their products look awesome. This keyboard looks great and is backlit, and goes great with my razer mouse. It does have a headphone port but i've never used it because I just plug directly into my computer. Another great this is the cord, its made so it doesn't tangle, and I love that because I have tons of wires coming from my computer and things tangle easily.



Overall, Razer Lycosa is a good keyboard


I actually won this keyboard during the World of Warcraft - Mountain Dew contest, so this review is from someone who would not have spent the money on it, and from someone who has been using the keyboard for a long time! As far as looks go, this keyboard is awesome. It's sleek, black, the keys are backlit with options to turn the light off, down, up, and just light up WASD (as any MMO gamer knows, the movement keys). It's easy to use. The keys are neither too sensitive or too insensitive, so you don't accidentally spam a letter and you don't need to beat the keys into submission to get them to function. The keys are also low, which makes it very easy to quickly find and hit whichever key you need. However, I do occasionally have the problem of a key or two that goes dead and will not respond. It usually tends to be L or the 5-7 keys. I have no idea what causes it or how to fix it, but it does always resolve itself, sometimes in minutes and sometimes not until after I give up and plug in a new keyboard for a while. Oh, and you can even plug in your headphones/speakers through the keyboard. The sound quality of course goes down from it, but if you switch between them a lot it's very convenient to have that option. As far as gaming goes, other than lighting up WASD it's not much better from a regular non-gaming keyboard. But any gamer should be able to find WASD with their eyes closed anyway :) Performance The dead keys are really annoying.

Minneapolis, MN


Razer Lycosa


The Razer Lycosa is really overpriced in terms of its functionality and performance. Sure, it looks awesome but I would rather have a working keyboard than a fancy looking one. The Lycosa has LED backlight keys (which are quite dim in strong light or sunlight). You can switch between two light modes: low, WASD only, and OFF. One of the best features in this keyboard is the touchpad media keys (when they work, that is). The touchpad can play/pause, stop, fast forward or backwards, increase/decrease volume, and disable the Windows key. Sometimes, however, the media keys will not work and you will have to unplug and reinsert the usb connector. Another thing to mention is the keyboard's usb port built in along with a headphone and microphone ports in the back. They keyboard's keys are coated with some non-slip rubber and EVERY key can be set to do run a macro (a set of instructions) if you install the optional software. One very last note is that the Razer customer service team is quite helpful. My first keyboard had several keys missing even though I pressed very hard on them. When I did my RMA, I had to send my keyboard to them (expensive shipping) and they sent me a new (actually refurbished) one in 10 days.

Elmhurst, NY


Excellent Gaming Keyboard


I recently purchased this Razer Lycosa to replace a Logitech Wave keyboard for gaming. I wanted a wireless keyboard, but for the price I was offered, this was an excellent deal. The Lycosa is a backlit gaming keyboard with WASD ghosting, macro capabilities, and multiple profile settings for different functions. Ghosting allows your keystrokes to be received individually, so you don't lose any keystrokes while gaming. The Keyboard is backlit, and you can either light all keys, no keys, or just WASD for you late night gamers. It can macro any key to whatever keystroke combination you'd like, and it also offers auto-profile switching for different programs. This keyboard is excellent, has a built in audio and microphone jack, as well as one additional USB slot. A drawback of the USB slot is that you don't actually gain a USB slot from using this keyboard as the keyboard itsself takes TWO usb slots on your computer. So you still net a -1 in terms of USB port usage. In terms of basic typing, it is a low profile keyboard, so not very much length on your key strokes, which can be a bane for touch typists. This keyboard is for gamers.

San Diego, CA


Razer Lycosa (RZ0300180100) Gaming Keyboard

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