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Plantronics AUDIO626 Headset

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having some issues


These are very basic cups and you should fully expect that from the set. Plantronics is a fairly recognizable brand in the audio world and they make a decent amount of products. I have used some with reasonable and good results but unfortunately the AUDIO626 at seven model was really a very poor performing unit. I encourage you to look at other plantronics models or even other brands as there are many good actors out there right now. My issue with this plantronics headset is that others seem to have a hard time listening to what I'm saying. Even if I try to speak directly in front of the microphone or even one I increase the input and output in the software to using for Internet conversation, the other person still occasionally have a hard time listening to what I am saying. I just simply switched to a different headset because it wasn't worth it.

Tustin, CA


Makes working so easy


I am on the phone a lot at work and my employer purchased me a Plantronics headset. This thing works wonders. I can always hear my customers very clearly, and they can always hear me. The microphone portion picks up very little outside noise even the noisy copier that is right by my desk. If this product wasn't so pricey I would probably buy a pair of my own to use at home. Being hands free while on the phone at work allows me to protect my neck and shoulders from ergonomic injuries and helps me do my job more quickly and efficiently. The speaker sits on my ear comfortably thanks to the foam cushion and the head bands holds the whole thing securely to my head. Since it only has one speaker it still allows me to hear someone asking me a question and trying to get my attention. I could not survive at work without this product.

Salida, CA


Great quality sound and mic but comfy not so much


With the Plantronics name you would expect this microphone and headset combo to produce good quality sound and it does deliver. The sound is clear making it easy to understand what others are saying and the person your talking to can hear you clearly as well. Installation on my computer was a snap. Basically I plugged it in and my Mac found it and started using it right away without any trouble. My only dislike on the product is level of comfort. A previous Plantronics headset I had the headphone speakers were able to flex and move a bit adjusting to the angle of your ears so it was equal pressure all around. This headset does not allow for that (headphone part is attached directly to the band) so its not nearly as comfortable to use for extended periods of time. This might be okay if it was an over the ear design but since it sits directly on the ear and has little padding it gets annoying quickly. If you intend on using these for more than short periods of time or daily I would step up to a better model that offers a bit more comfort.

San Francisco, CA


Plantronics AUDIO626 Headset

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