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NuTone Ceiling Fan-Light (Model 763RLN)

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good price, easy to install


This is a great combination bathroom ventilation fan and light fixture. It's not the fastest thing out there at taking care of the moisture--it takes a while for the mirror to get totally unfogged after you take a shower--but it works well enough for us and it's great for the price. It's also pretty quiet--we bought it to replace the extremely noisy and dirty fan that was there when we moved in to the house. My dad installed it for us and said the installation was really fast and simple. If I remember correctly, my parents have this same model or a similar one in at least one of their bathrooms, so that's why he recommended it to us. He's really knowledgable about home improvement stuff, so a recommendation from him means a lot. We have a fluorescent bulb in it that provides plenty of for the room. The design is sleek and modern looking, but I like how it's also unobtrusive and you don't really notice it per se.

Birmingham, AL


This ventilation fan will [almost] blow you away!


This ventilation fan with light was purchased to replace an existing one in the master bathroom toilet room. The previous fan still functioned, but had an out of date appearance and was louder/noisier than we would have liked. When we decided to paint the master suit (walls and ceiling), we also decided to replace this fan/light. This unit has a sleek design, a clean white color, and an integrated light that is well-fit into the overall design and accepts up to a 100W bulb. 2.5 Sones isn't the quietest of ventilation fans available, but the price was light and this noise level is nearly twice as quiet as the previous fan. 50 CFM also isn't that great and I definitely wouldn't install this as the main ventilation fan for the bathroom, but the toilet room is less than 20 square feet and this fan is mostly for odor rather than humidity. Therefore this fan is more than adequate. Installation is straight forward and quite easy since I had access through the attic. This unit is slightly larger than the previous one, but that isn't a big deal. The fan is plenty quiet during operation and draws enough air out without creating a wind tunnel effect. Overall I am pleased with the appearance, features, and functionality of this ventilation fan and light.

Harrison, OH


NuTone Ceiling Fan-Light (Model 763RLN)

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