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Nesco 4816-14-30 6-Quart Slow Cooker

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Easy Plan Ahead Meals


In our family making a sauce for pasta was an all day chore. The pot had to watched, the flame carefully set, and stirred frequently. Several years ago we invested in the Nesco as an alternative to using stove top cooking. What a great decision. Now we can brown the meat in the Nesco, add the sauce ingredients, set a temperature, put on the lid and leave the Nesco to do the rest. We occasionally take off the lid to stir ad take in the aromas of a slow cooked sauce. With sauce mastered we now do an excellent beef stew. The meat browns easily and the vegetables cook slowly absorbing all of the meat flavors. As the chief bottle washer of the family I really appreciate the ease of cleanup. Simply remove the Nesco pan, add hot soapy water, and clean up is done. Finally there is no stove to clean from slippage from a pot and the kitchen does not heat up when cooking during the summer. The 6 quart is perfect for a family of 4.



Nesco 4816-14-30 6-Quart Slow Cooker

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