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Maylong - GPS for Dummies

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Love it lost without it!


I got this Maylong for dummies unit for my birthday and am very happy with it. It is a little smaller that other units that I have seen, the garmin nuvi for example, but I was surprised that the small size packed such a powerful punch! I recently went on a trip to San Antonio and we got out of so much trouble that we would have come across had we not had a GPS. I have been to San Antonio numerous times but the GPS unit showed us lots of places that I did not even know existed. Startup is a breeze you just press the power button on top of the device. After a 5 second bootup their is a screen with three option. One is View Map which is the most important as it allows you to see where you current location is. The next option is Lets Go which allows you to customize and put in the directions to your destination. The last option is the Settings which allows you to customize the sound brightness, screen, and other options. Ths GPS also has an SD card slot for pictures which I have never used as it would probably drain my battery. The Let's Go feature allows you to put in directions by address, state, city, intersection and street number. I did have a bit of trouble at first because you have to first put in one thing at a time. I found myself having to go back again and again because I made a mistake on the letter or number. This is another frustration is that screen keyboard is to small that I ended up pressing the wrong keys so that the GPS takes it times trying to find the wrong address only to say that their is no such location. Other than that I have to say that unit has saved me so many times. Just this past week some family member came over for a soccer tournament and we had no trouble finding the location to the park, a location that would otherwise have been very difficult to find without the Maylong GPS for dummies!

Houston, TX


The price is right


OMG, this navigation really helped me on my unexpected trip. Its compact and light weight. In addition to its ideal size, its very very user friendly. It was easy to setup, the menus were easy to navigate through. I was a little apprehensive about being called a dummie. lol But, I bit the bullet because the price was right. After my purchase I feel nowhere near a dummy. I was actually smart in purchasing this handy device. It worked flawlessly, even out of the car I had it in backpack and I explored the Bay area. I parked my car and walk and walked and use public transit to get around. It was very accurate in finding the different locations. It had voice turn-by-turn directions. It is also helpful in assisting you when driving. If you exceed the speed limit, it will warn you. Driving at night is hard on the eyes. This little device has a night mode which is easy on the eyes. The directory of various businesses/services was a great addition. Because it was easy to find a gas station, places to eat and attractions with this device. I love how if you miss your turn, it recalculate the route and send you back into the right direction. This is definately a device you want for anyone, old or new to driving.

Los Angeles, CA


I don't need help getting lost.


This is the worst GPS I have ever seen.  It had me lost every time I used it.  Locations were on the opposite side of what was being said.  Took me the longest route.  No thanks I'm better off guessing. 

Wantagh, NY


Maylong - GPS for Dummies

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