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Klean Kanteen Kolor Bottle - 12oz - Moss

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Favorite kid's sippy cup


I love all of my klean kanteen items! I have three of the 12 oz kolor kanteens with a sippy lid for my toddlers. They are not insulated, but the metal seems to keep drinks colder longer than plastic sippy cups. And one day when I don't need sippy cups I can just put on a regular lid - they are interchangeable. This is a great option if you want to avoid BPA or other plastic chemicals. The stainless steel washes nicely in the dishwasher, but the painted ones are supposed to be hand washed to preserve the paint. I dishwash them anyway and they are fine, but if dropped and dented enough times the paint will chip. Overall, my favorite feature is the sippy lid being available and interchangeable with a normal lid and that's what makes their brand stand out.

Wapello, Ia


klean kanteen 120z


This bottle has been quite robust and I've had it for 4 years. It easily fits into the side pocket of a backpack. It is a comfortable size and you can easily hold this is your palm. I've tried using other water bottles that are made out of plastic materials and the water tastes odd if the bottle is in the sun for some time. With the klean kanteen, I never experience this. The only thing that I've had a problem with is the cap with the suck nozzle. The little hole that is in the cap leaks so I have to keep my backpack upright when I have the kanteen in the side pocket.



Klean Kanteen Kolor Bottle - 12oz - Moss

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