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KitchenAid Superba Built-In Oven

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Never buy combo micro wave/oven


We have a Kitchen Aid combo micro wave/convention oven on top and a normal electric oven on the bottom. What I have spent in the eleven years we have had this combo I could have bought at least 4 new top of the line, microwaves. The door opens down so I have replaced 3 springs, a control panel, magnetron and now the outer door glass. The glass, for no obvious reason shattered in a thousand pieces. The control panel was under warranty but everything else has been out of pocket. When I called to see if there has been any known issues with the glass, I was asked about 20 questions, all designed to prove that the problem was my fault. Never again.

Marietta, GA


A great oven for the past three years.


We have had the KitchenAid Superba oven for about three years. It runs great, but the light has shorted out in it. This is a minor inconvience for us, however so we continue to use the oven as is. I like the push buttons on the front display, but they are sensitive. Whenever I clean the exterior of the oven the buttons turn on some function or another. I love the fact that this oven does convection and is a gas oven and stove top. Our model is black and is very nice looking in our kitchen. It does had a glassy like surface that is not easy to keep clean all the time because it does tend to show a lot of smudges. I like that it has a self cleaning cycle for the interior. I also like that it heats up pretty quickly when I am baking. Baked goods and foods tend to come out pretty close to perfect anyway. I like the fact that ours has a digital clock and timer on the front, and you can also set the cook time. It will adjust for you on the convection setting as well so you do not have to figure out the time and temperature conversions. Our Superba also has a dehydrating setting which is nice for drying apples. We do like our KitchenAid Superba a lot. Capacity The fan sticks out a little in the back of the oven, so sometimes it is hard to get full sized cookie sheets inside the oven, but it is fairly roomy inside. Performance This oven has worked for us for the years we have owned it very well. It cooks our food great! Ease of Cleaning This model is hard to keep clean because it is black and shiny. It does show a lot of dirt and some scratches, but I constantly wipe it down. It does look nice. Ease of Use The functions take some time to get used to, but once you learn how to use the convection without burning your cookies it is great. Durability Despite the light shorting out in ours this oven has held up great.

Marietta, GA


Excellent Oven!


I have the Superba double oven that is gas and convection. I love this oven! It has so many features and the buttons are easy to navigate. You can't beat this oven when you are hosting a party or for the holidays. Both of the ovens are full size and have 3 shelves that are easily removable. My ovens are both convection and gives you the feature of cooking whatever you want faster in the oven. It is also a self cleaning oven which is a must have. The oven has push buttons that gives the outside a sleek design and has a timer as well as a clock. The only thing that I can say that is a minor inconvience is that if you try to use the timer when you have both ovens on it can get a little confusing. I solve that problem by using a second timer. When you use the timer a nice feature is that the oven will shut off when time runs out.

Murrysville, PA


KitchenAid Superba a good oven


The KitchenAid Superba is a good and attractive oven. it is built right into the counter space. It is gas-operated, and i really appreciate how much control that gives me when cooking. The hobs on top are two big grills, each covering two burners. They are removable, which makes clean-up easier both concerning the hobs and the surface-area. The handles are also removable for easy cleaning. The oven is glossy back. For that reason, it tends to show smudges. However, if you keep it clean, it's a very attractive addition to the kitchen. Cooking-wise, there are two large burners on top which can offer too-fast cooking if you're not careful. They're great for heating pots of water, but I've burned items in pans. The oven itself offers a convection option which is great for baking. Two suggestions concerning the convection option: don't use it for meat as the fan dries the meat out, and use the conversion so you don't burn your baked goods. Overall, a good oven.

Denver, CO


KitchenAid Superba Built-In Oven

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