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KidCo Baby Steps Healthy Snack Feeder Kit with Freezer Tray

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Make Your Own Frozen Treats To Help With Teething!


I originally bought one of these kits to give as a gift for a baby shower and after I saw all of the great, nutritious things that could be made with it I picked up one to use at home and another to send to my sister. One of the best things about this is that if you have a child that is teething it really helps to soothe their gums; when my son got braces he was in agony the first two weeks but I was able to puree some fruits and make some awesome popsicles for him with this kit. While it is intended to be used for infants and toddlers there are tons of other uses for it. When I have made popsicles for kids that I baby sit they loved them and I ended up having to explain the process to them. I have had mine for three years and it is still as good as new; I wish that they sold the mesh bag separately so I could have extras on hand. Cleaning the mesh bag isn't hard but you are going to want to serve the frozen treats in one that is dry. If you try to slide it in to a bag that is wet there's a chance that the frozen piece will stick. The handle is easy for younger kids to hold but it does get messy if they aren't careful with it; for the older kids I don't use the mesh bag or the handle and that too is a mess waiting to happen but I like knowing that I am giving them something that is made from real fruit and isn't packed with sugar. When you put the frozen treat inside the mesh bag and attach the handle to it, it resembles a paint brush. The concept is amazing and it helps kids get some relief from sore gums when they are teething. When my son would get his braces tightened he would have about 72 hours of discomfort; I would have some popsicles made up for him and leave them in the tray in the freezer for when he needed them. The lid is a nice feature because you can make the treats ahead of time and have them on hand. It does a good job of keeping them fresh too!



KidCo Baby Steps Healthy Snack Feeder Kit with Freezer Tray

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