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Joey New York
Joey New York Collagen Boosting Lipstick in Harmony

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Felt great!


I only recieved sample of this cosmetic but i really liked the way it felt on my skin and loved the way it lasted all day long. I am constantly touching my face (a habit i need to break) and it stayed on the whole day! The only thing i found after looking at the catalog that was sent with the sample was it was a hefty on the price. If not for that i would purchase asap!

Franklinton, LA


My lips are in perfect harmony with this dewy lipstick.


***Quick View:*** This is pretty moisturizing lipstick that fills in lines and creases in the lips and flatters. However, it doesn't plump lips, of course. ***About JOEY New York Collagen Boosting Lipstick Lip Color Harmony*** This lipstick comes in a traditional lipstick tube but it is somewhat shorter than typical lipsticks. The tube is black and the lipstick swivels up and is slanted for easy application. The color is quite flattering. It is a pretty shade of mauve/plum that is not too deep or garish. It glides on smooth and, thankfully, is not shimmery. It has some shine but isn't super shiny. I would call it dewy. The description says: *Collagen Boosting Lipstick is an exclusive formula containing the building blocks of protein that help promote collagen renewal for full, plump and smooth looking lips.* I would say that this is fairly correct. This lipstick does give full, smooth looking lips. As for plump lips, I don't see a big boot in my lip volume. This lipstick doesn't sting or burn like traditional lip plumpers. It feels smooth from start to finish. The color lasts for quite a long time on my lips and slowly fades without looking patchy. As with all lipsticks, this does transfer to cups and cheeks but that's a side effect of wearing high pigmented lip colors. ***My Viewpoint*** I like Joey New York products and I like this lipstick. Although I don't see a lot of plumping, it does flatter my lips and looks smooth and dewy. ***I give it 4 stars***. It's not overly expensive and will last a long time. Plus the shade is very versatile.

The heart of , NY


gives a wonderfully smooth appearance to your lips


I love this Joey New York Collagen Boosting Lipstick in Harmony.  The color is absolutely gorgeous and lasts a long time.  It's nice not to have to constantly reapply my lipstick throughout my busy days.  I was a little apprehensive at first because I didn't want my lips to be "plumped".  I just wanted to make my lips appear slightly smoother and this does exactly that.  To my relief I didn't notice any "plumped" appearance to my lips, but it did fill in all the small lines on my lips to give them a much smoother appearance.  The lipstick feels smooth when you apply it and gives your lips just a hint of shine.  This color is very versatile and will suit almost any coloring combination.  It is a nice color that isn't too much over the top.  It leaves your lips feeling moistened (a lot of lipstick tends to make my lips feel severely dried out) and when you remove it, it does not leave a stain on your lips.  I love this lipstick.  I think it is my new favorite and I recommend it to everyone. 

La Rue, OH


Joey New York Collagen Boosting Lipstick in Harmony

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