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Jabra - Bluetooth Headset

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Jabra BT620s bluetooth headphone: Volume too low


I purchased these headphones to listen to audio books on my smartphone while working around the house. The volume, even when cranked up to max, is too low to hear when any other noise is present. I could barely get 15 feet away from the phone before the audio cut out entirely. I had my husband call my cell phone while I was listening (well, trying to listen) to music. The headphones correctly answered the call but did not pause the music (phone incompatibility, not headphones fault) but my husband sounded like he was underwater and far away. He said I sounded the same (microphone is in the earpiece!). I'm returning the headphones, as I can use any of my wired headphones and just put the phone in my pocket for my purposes.

North Aurora, IL


Not bad....very versatile.


I got these as an add on free bonus two and a half years ago when I got my Samsung Upstage mobile phone.  As a blue tooth device to simply talk on the phone, there are better options out there, and I bought something designed more for talk to fill that purpose.  I use these exclusively for listening to music on my Upstage while walking, jogging, bike riding or other excercise activities.  It allows me to switch easily from music to a phone call in the middle of my workout by tapping the earpiece button.  Most of my workouts occur late afternoon when the office or clients still tend to call, so it makes for a great device allowing me to continue a hands free workout and never miss a call.  The design wraps over your ear, so in a vigorous run, the stay where they are supposed to.  I do not like ear buds for working out, and these have replacement sponge ear pads, so I replace those about every six months when they get worn out.  So far, they still keep a great charge, too. 

Dana Point, CA


Jabra - Bluetooth Headset

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