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Hot Tools ION Travel Dryer

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Not Really Worth the Extra Cost


I had the same experience with this blow dryer as I did with a Hot Tools curling iron.  I bought them at Sally because my hair stylist recommended them to me as a good brand.  I thought that because I was paying a little more, I would be getting better quality.  To me, better quality also means that it will last longer.  In my opinion, a hair dryer should last at least 2-3 years.  That has been my experience in the past.  This guy only lasted me maybe a year.  And then it started shooting sparks!  No I am not kidding.  My husband saw it and insisted that I stop using it.  Seriously, I was afraid I was going to electrocute myself.  I tried to take it back and tell them what had happened and they wouldn't let me!  So, I think you should think twice before you buy one of these.  I don't think I would buy anything from this brand again.  I have been really disappointed- it is definitely not quality for your extra money!

Gilbert, AZ


This ion thing is awesome for your hair


I think the ion dryer is amazing and now that its travel sized its even better. I use it to go on trips or even when i am at a sleep over. i also use it when i go swimming at school. I keep it in my bag and i can even put it in my locker. i think that is so amazing!!!!!!!!

Springfield, MA


Ionize this baby


This is a great hair dryer that gets the job done.  It's quick, it's reliable and it's long lasting.  I've had my hair dryer for about six years and it's still working the same as when I bought it. It has an Ion switch that you can turn on or off.  The Ion aspect of the dryer is a feature that is supposed to reduce static electricity and hair frizz, in other words keep your hair from going poof!  However I'm not sure if it really works because I'm in to much of a hurry to ever dry my hair all the way through so there's always moisture left.  So of course my hair does get poofy as it continues to dry because I have thick, full hair.  Of course, I also don't look like I got hit by lightning so I suppose it would work. This dryer is easy to use, light weight, and fits nicely in my hand.  It has a two prong plug with a test and reset button on it.  It also have a low and high switch and a button on the top that if you hold down produces cold air (which I love when doing the very top of my head so I don't burn my scalp).  It also has a volumizing attachment that I never use because I already have thick puffy hair.  The attachment seems like it would be great for people who have limp or straight hair. All in all this is a great dryer that I see lasting another six years.

Downieville, CA


Hot Tools ION Travel Dryer

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