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Hot Shot
Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer

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A Kitchen Safe Bug Killer That Works


In the summer I have to be diligent with keeping insects out of the house. Trash has to be taken out every day, food isn't left out and fruit is always refrigerated. Even with all of the preventative measures that I take, I still end up with ants, fruit flies and houseflies. I have used window-mounted fly traps in the past and those work when there is an infestation but for ants and fruit flies I need something that I can use immediately. I got the Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer when someone tossed an apple core in the trash and it slipped between the bag and the trash can. When I finally tracked down the foul smell and realized it was an apple I knew that the fruit flies that I was seeing in the kitchen were going to be tough to get rid of without having some type of spray. Any time you spray a bug killer you need to be concerned with where the spray is landing. Even though this is safe for use in a kitchen I am still careful where I use it. I do spray inside the cabinets and around the baseboards to prevent bugs from finding a way in to the house through a crack or if they happen to be in a box from the grocery store. Most of the stores do not bag groceries any more; you have to buy bags, bring your own or use boxes. Sometimes the boxes have bugs in them and if they find a place to hide in your kitchen or pantry you might not know they are there until they start breeding. I really hate to kill spiders because they do help to keep the insect population under control but you can use this on spiders if you have a multitude of them in your home. For flying insects you are going to want to try to get as close to possible to them before spraying so you don't end up with this landing on other things. I won't use this if any of the pets are in the room nor will I use it near their food. If you want something to kill bugs but are worried about it landing on counters or tables, this is worth checking out. I do use it to kill insects but my main reason for buying this is to lay down a protective barrier to keep them from getting into the house in the first place.



Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer

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