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Hero Yummi Bears Fish Free Omega 3-6-9 Gummy Vitamins for Children

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Hero Omega Gummy Vitamins - Kids Love Them


I bought these for my kids last year to supplement their diet and make sure they were getting all the omega vitamins that they needed. Since these are fish-free, they do not have a fishy taste like some other omega vitamins we have tried. Instead, they are really delicious and the children love them. They look forward to vitamin time every morning! I admit that I have eaten a few from time to time, and it is amazing that they taste and look like gummy bears, but they're actually vitamins. As such, you will definitely want to keep them out of reach of children so they don't sneak any when you're not looking! Omega rich foods are often ones that aren't very popular with children. If you have picky eaters that won't eat foods containing the crucial omega 3's, 6's, and 9's, Hero's Gummy Vitamins are a good substitute that your kids will probably love. I also love that these are made with more natural ingredients than most kids vitamins.



i love these


wow ever since when i was little i love taking these. these things help u have a good eye sight and good heart. u know wat i mean they make u very healthy and thats good at home if u have a kid then u should give it to them b cuz it will make them heathly. do u want ur kid to be heathly  then use it. i cant forget the taste of it but right now i still take them lol but its only for children  not 4 aduts. i wish they have that for adults lol. but it is so good u people are lucky so plz buy u will love  the sweet taste that u ever wanted. it kinda taste like the regular gummy bears but u will love it. it has diffrent colors. it got bule, pink, red, orange, yellow, and more but u can only take 2 per day. and its like a good viteams for kids age 4 and under. sucks huh cuz thats to young lol. thats y the vietams is so good for kids. but for adults its knida nasty but they get use to eating nasty stuff lol. so i just wanna say plz buy it and peace.

Littleton, CO


Hero Yummi Bears Fish Free Omega 3-6-9 Gummy Vitamins for Children

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