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Epic Tour Tire

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Good cheap tires


A couple of years ago I bought a used car and drove it across state lines, and that is when I learned that great tread doesn't mean a thing if the tires are old. My new/old tires, which had passed the penny test at the home of the person I was buying from, blew out on the highway within a couple hours away from my home. This was because the aged rubber had started cracking and separating from the belts. I was fortunate to be one of the few cars on the road that day and that I was able to force the car onto the shoulder. AAA came out and helped me put the donut on the tire that was completely undriveable and told me not to go more than a few miles or else wait for a flatbed tow truck. Luckily I was only a few miles from a Tire Kingdom, and they were open. They checked out my tire size and offered me a few options. I was suddenly having to replace all four tires after having spent a grand on this car, so I went with the Epic Tours. They had traction and temperature ratings of A, and a tread rating of 440. I live in a hot and humid state, so that temperature rating was important. The traction rating is the second highest, and while I live in a state that gets a lot of rain, I don't travel off-road. It was a good rating for budget tires by my estimation. The treadwear grade indicates I'll probably get the full six years out of the tires, barring I don't run over a nail or something. Several years later, I have yet to need to replace this set. I have been using the tires for city and highway driving only, and while they've made a couple of trips out of town, they have not been taken on a long road trip. So, while they might not be up to snuff for more extreme conditions, and their long range performance remains untested, they have been a good buy for my own personal usage.

Tampa, FL


Epic Tour Tire

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