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Digital Decor
Digital Decor - Ultra Slim Digital Picture Frame

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Digital Decor Picture Frame is high UNrecommended!


***Digital Decor Ultra Slim Digital Picture Frame*** ****Ultra Slim, 7" Color LCD Display, Supports JPEG Images, Remote Control & No Computer Required!*** ******It says in big letters on the back under features, Bright and VIBRANT 7-inch COLOR LCD Display!! Lets just clear one thing up Digital Decor, your product is a crappy made hunk of junk. It's a nice big screen but the picture quality is very gritty looking, not clear! In order to use the remote which I thought was perfect for the large living room I have to be able to turn it off w/out having to jump up and walk clear across the room or flip through pictures faster to show one off. No no no, you have to get right up to the picture frame just to use the remote control. haha!! It's like it's not even needed!! Here, we offer this nifty little remote control BUT you might as well throw it away because you have to stand within arms length to use it! haha That'll show you consumer who we duped into buying our junk! If this hadn't have been a Christmas present I'd have never bought it. It does look cute in black, very sleek. It lures you in with its looks and then BANG you get hit with the very poor quality of the pictures. Even if you have high quality pics on there it doesn't matter they still show up blurry and dull. You need an SD card it does not come with one. It does come with the remote control, AC power adapter and the users manual. Compatible with digital memory cards: SD, SDHC, MS/Pro/DUO*/ProDuo*, Card adapter not required (not included) and USB flash drives. It says on the packaging **-For Household Use ONLY- **I wonder what that's about? If you have a nice office at work I guess your not aloud to have one of these in there? lol It doesn't say anywhere how many pictures it holds..I  have 100 on mine. Good luck if you buy this product, trust me it's a hunk of junk and your better off paying a little more for a better one.

Somerset, OH


Digital Decor - Ultra Slim Digital Picture Frame

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