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DaVinci Kalani Mini

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Perfect Crib for Apartment-Living or small/shared rooms.


We received this crib as a baby shower gift for our first baby. We were sharing a two-bedroom apartment at the time and our space was very limited. This was a perfect space-saver and allowed room for other necessities like a diaper changer, diaper pail, etc and has lasted through two children. We had very small girls, but the crib is still big enough to comfortably house larger babies. I would like to note a couple of things. The crib comes with a pad. Not a mattress and we couldn't find a mattress locally that would fit so we ended up buying an additional, thicker pad which was perfect. We also had a very hard time finding bedding, specifically fitted sheets, for this crib at local, large baby store chains. Finally after some research we found that the Graco Pack N Play sheets fit perfectly. Also king-sized pillow cases work great too. So if decor is not that important (it wasn't for us) and you don't mind a limited bedding selection then this mini crib will be perfect for your limited space.



DaVinci Kalani Mini

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