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Cyber Acoustics
Cyber Acoustics Headset

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A great lightweight product with multiple uses and good design.


Quite excellent and a good value. Sound Quality I found it very clear and true. I have not used it to listen to music yet tho I could have. I used it to listen to group meetings on the web, and everything was quite good. I also used it to record my own voice or other sounds for creative projects. Ease of Use The unit installs its own software on your computer (or other portable device, I suppose). I had to go to the website at CyberAcoustics for directions on how to start the install process; the directions given were very clear and straight-forward. After that, it is smooth sailing. You can RECORD your voiceover or other sounds to use in making a video or other creative project. You can plug it into the computer to hear music, webcasts, go-to-meetings, etc. Durability I cannot vouch for the durability due to the fact that I have not even had it a year. Design Mike attachment swivels down in either direction (right or left, if looking at unit from side). This is a great convenience for anyone with a strong preference for having the mike on one side or the other. Also the mike swivels vertically for safe storage.

Minneapolis, MN


Cyber Acoustics Headset

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