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Cub Cadet
Cub Cadet Riding Mower

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Good lawn mower for the price. I would buy this again!


We bought this mower from TSC about 2 years ago. I am very impressed. The price was good and the mower is working great. We have not had to replace any belts or bearings like some of the other reviews. I was very surprised that so many other people had issues with this mower. This Cub Cadet is not a zero turn like we wanted but it turns very sharp around trees and shrubs and does all that we need it to. Our yard is too big to push mow but I can mow it in less than an hour with this lawn tractor.

Oklahoma, USA


Great for a scrap dealer. Waste of money. Buy a snapper.


Worst tractor I ever had! I have had sears (not all that great, white not too bad, John deer Good machine, and a snapper, THE BEST. This lawn tractor is a joke. I had it two years and had nothing but problems. Belts lasted two mowings on a one acre lawn. Bearing was bad, new from the factory. I had to replace bearing and 3 belts in two months. NOT GUARANTEED because these are normal wear out parts! IN TWO MONTHS? Finally after two years and 55 hours the block cracked and I gave the stinking thing to a neighbor just to get it out of my yard. After one year he asked me if I hated him, if not why did you give me that piece of junk! Handling Turning radius no where near as good as a snapper.

Branch, MI


Big joke, waste of money and disappointment!


Our Cub Cadet LT 1046 has been nothing but trouble from day one! We purchased it brand new. We have bought about 4 new belts, replaced the bearings 3-4 times, replaced the wheel that the belt goes into three times due to the center completely coming out. Almost like the pulleys aren't lined up correctly. Contacted Cub Cadet on several occasions, but they were no help. We will never buy ANYTHING else that is a Cub product. A huge waste of money and a big disappointment. Performance Belts, pulleys, bearings, and blades are awful. Definitely not the quality we were expecting from a Cub product. Durability Stays broken down more than running.

Boaz, AL


Cub Cadet Riding Mower

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