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Clairol Nice 'n Easy Gray Solution

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It DOES cover gray...


I'll give it that. I currently have a minimal amount of gray around the temples and at the hair line on one side. Over the last couple years they have become more noticeable and I felt that my standard color didn't seem to "take" in those areas even when I pretreated them for 5 mins before coloring the rest of my head. I tired this product hoping to get good coverage and lasting results. I did get those,,,but the color is heavy and flat. To gain the coverage I lost a certain "luminescence" that my other brand color seemed to provide. I wasn't totally unhappy with the results , but I did feel that all in all I prefer to stick with other color products and just retouch the gray areas as needed. I like a more natural look and natural hair isn't usually flat and without layers of shine . I might try this again as more gray becomes noticeable over more of my hair. As far as cost goes, Clairol Nice & Easy Gray Solution is similar to other brands available on the shelf and can be purchased on sale with coupons for much less then most salon type colors. Effectiveness ood all over coverage if not a bit flat and dull. Ease of Application The same as most similar products, clean up is easy if done before color dries.



Did not work for me


I have some very stubborn gray hairs, so I was looking for an easy, inexpensive solution that would at least last a little while. I tried Clairol Nice 'n Easy Gray Solution to brighten my hair and hide my grays. Unfortunately, it was not worth the time or money. Though the color my hair turned out after using the dye was really pretty, it barely covered my grays. The ones that were covered were visible again in less than a week! I was so disappointed. I don't feel that this is worth the money and convenience and that I would have been better off spending a little more and going to a salon. Effectiveness It colored my normal hair nicely and looked really good, but it barely did anything for my grays - which was the whole point of trying this hair dye in the first place! Ease of Application It's a little tricky to use these kinds of dyes on your own without getting it all over your skin, but I managed to apply this with minimal dying of my forehead. I do recommend having someone else to help you, if possible.



Clairol Nice 'n Easy Gray Solution is all I will use!


The Clairol Nice 'n Easy Gray Solution works the best for my stupid gray hair. I have been using this product for several years now. It is the only hair color I have found which really covers my gray hair well. It is designed for persons who have 50% or more gray hair. The kit comes with everything you will need except for a mixing bowl and applicator. The first step is to apply the instant pre-treatment which specially prepares your hair for the color right where you need it most. Next you mix the color creme and the activating creme and apply it to your hair. I usually let it sit in my hair for 15 to 20 minutes. I then wash my hair as usual. The creme acts as a shampoo; however, because I have a lot of hair, I always add some of my own shampoo. After washing, you apply the color seal conditioning creme. I absolutely love this product. It leaves your hair so soft and shiny! Since my hair goes really fast, I have to touch up my roots quite often. It would cost me a fortune if I had to go to the salon everything I needed my roots touched up. I have found this process to be relatively easy. I am always getting compliments on how pretty and shiny my hair is like I did when I was a young girl! I highly recommend this product!

Maryville, TN


Clairol Gray Solution....youth in a box


I started getting gray hairs when I was twelve, and at 41 I am more than 50% gray. I started coloring my hair almost ten years ago when I was looking far older than I wanted to. Clairol Gray Solution is my favorite hair color by far. It comes with a pre-coloring conditioner that coats the ends of the hair to protect them. I think the idea is the pretreatment will prevent you from getting dark ends and lighter roots, a problem with home hair coloring. It also comes with a generous tube of weekly conditioner, like all Nice & Easy products. The hair color covers gray exceptionally well, without being too one-dimensional or flat. The gray hairs do take color differently, almost like highlights, which I like. If you have resistant grays, this is the product for you. Be sure to follow the instructions for putting it on roots first, then the rest of your hair in the last five minutes, so that you don't wind up with lighter roots and super dark hair.

Willard, MO


Covers Gray, Then Some!


I have very resistant grays, so I decided to give Clairol Gray Solution a try. My natural color is dark brown, so the first time I used it, that's what I bought. Well, dark brown turned out to be almost black, and it was much too dark for me. The next time I used it, I bought medium brown, and that was a closer match to my natural hair color. While the gray coverage was very good, the color was kind of one dimensional and looked a little "dyed", if you know what I mean. The areas of my most resistant grays faded out after a couple of weeks, which was pretty disappointing. The smell of the product is quite off-putting. I know it is powerful stuff, but DUDE, this stuff STINKS! In the end, I decided to go back to the regular Nice 'n Easy color, because I think it looks more natural, smells better and leaves my hair softer and shinier. If you have a lot of gray, give it a try, but buy a shade lighter than you are going for.

Petaluma, CA


Clairol Nice 'n Easy Gray Solution

3.8 5