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BlackBerry Smartphones
BlackBerry Smartphone

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Big and clunky


This Blackberry was offered for free from Sprint and when I got it I could see why! It is very clunky, like a walkie-talkie. Sprint and Nextel are the same but on different networks. I was on Sprint and I had to change to the Nextel which I did not like. This particular phone is designed for the Nextel network beep-beep function, which I also do not care for. However if you are mostly using the phone for the Nextel function and/or phone use and very little internet use, you will like it. It is not hard to use but it is made of flimsy plastic that would break in instant if you dropped it on the pavement. Needless to say I returned it.

Tallahassee, FL


Road Warrior?Work Horse


  Well what can I say........ The Blackberry 7100i is my latest work horse! I have 7 different email addresses, and the 7100i handles them flawlessy. It updates my contacts and calendar seamlessly. I have had several different versions of the Blackberry, but this by far is my favorite one. I am self employed and email, calendar and contacts are a must have 24/7. I am also not easy on my equipment, I have dropped the 7100i on numerous occasions, pick it up dust it off and back to work we go! The smaller, dainty PDa's are not for me. I can browse the web, check out my websites, news, traffic, weather you name it I get it on my 7100i!   I hope this helps,   Regards,   Mr Safety  

Ridgefield, CT


The phone is JUNK "Mickey Mouse"


The phone is nice due to how small it is but the T5 (Smart spelling) I have enough problems spelling let alone a phone helping me to spell. Does not work that well and always have to fight to type and spell.If Blackberry is going to design a phone for Nextel they should try again since the phone SUCKS. I had an older blackberry and it was great I could type with no help from a phone.

Reamstown, PA


Blackberry 7100 is a solid phone


I've been using the blackberry 7100 for several years and haven't had any major issues with it. One thing about the blackberry is that if you don't use all the fancy e-mail/internet/smartphone features they can occaisonally get in the way. On my phone I occasionally open up the enterprise activation menu that's on the home screen. As far as being a phone goes, it is easy to use the address book, has good sound for calls, it's really easy to use for texts. Downsides: It's chunky - I wish it were slimmer. It doesn't have a full keyboard and it's hard to call numbers that have letters in them because of the qwerty keyboard. My biggest problem with it has been that every once in awhile it will get stuck in a weird text mode and I won't be able to dial numbers or add numbers to my address book. Once I reboot by removing the battery, everything's back to normal.

Kansas City, KS


I am addicted to my blackberry!!


I have had my Blackberry for a little over 6 months, am completely love it. It has SOOO many applications to choose from you could spend days going through all the different options. You can take pictures that come out clearly and even comes with a bright flash. The phone enables you to save the picture and send it via email or through text messege. I love how the messeges are set up. You don't just have a inbox, outbox, and drafts folder. Its all in one so you can view the whole conversation without having to go back and forth time and time again. It also has many different games you can play without even having to pay for. I have many contacts in my adress book and have still not ran out of room. Theres an option for you to put in a extra memory card, even though I have not had to because its been sufficient for me. The qwerty keypad is so handy and makes texting much faster. I've had probably 20 phones in five years, and this one is defintly my favorite so far!!!

Jacksonville, FL


BlackBerry Smartphone

3.0 5